XL Axiata unveils a new icon promising “more” to stakeholders


XL Axiata unveiled its new iconography in its latest brand campaign. Known as “Mo”, the new icon projects half of the XL logo as the “greater than” sign, promising “Plus” to all stakeholders, the telecom operator said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the “We Are More” campaign is aimed at progressive Indonesian families. Produced in collaboration with M&C Saatchi Indonesia, the campaign video follows a subscriber’s journey through life, from engagement, through pregnancy and motherhood, while staying close to loved ones and using XL’s services Axiata to stay connected. Meanwhile, the background song says “I sing a thousand love songs, I write a thousand tales, time is ours, belongs to us”, which serves as the narration of the user’s life journey.

Alfons Eric Bosch Sansa, Chief Marketing Officer, XL Axiata, said the brand has come a long way in achieving its goal, and goes even further by being a brand that focuses on service and support. Indonesian families to achieve their collective ambitions. “We are not only innovating in our services, but we also want to become a household name that engages with Indonesian families through their daily lives and progress. Through this campaign, we are also trying to deter unconscious bias that the industry has towards the representation of the role of women in society. This is just the beginning of better things to come,” he added.

The idea for the campaign comes as XL Axiata seeks to reposition itself to be relevant not just to the individual, but to the whole family. This involves innovation in products, offers and packages that prove more convenient and cost-effective for Indonesian families.

Nadia Yuliani, Creative Director, M&C Saatchi Indonesia, said that through this video, XL Axiata hopes to unite Indonesians closer to their families and remind them that XL will always share the values ​​they hold to keep their loved ones together throughout throughout their life. Anish Daryani, Founder and CEO of M&C Saatchi Indonesia added, “By creating greater relevance for XL in the lives of Indonesian families, this is an opportunity to demonstrate how Brand Purpose can translate into business success.

INTERACTIVE-MARKETING has contacted XL Axiata for comment.

In addition, XL Axiata appointed Idenya Flux as its digital agency for prepaid communication last September. Seven agencies were vying for the account. Fajar Arieyanti, Head of Mass Segment Marketing Communications at XL Axiata, said INTERACTIVE-MARKETING then that Idenya Flux will create a communication strategy to market the brand’s Paket Akrab to the people of Indonesia, especially young progressive Indonesian families, through a digital strategy such as social media.

In August of that year, he reappointed Densu Indonesia to handle media duties covering digital and conventional media for one year until June of that year. Dentsu has worked with XL Axiata since 2017, and the scope includes integrated media, online and offline performance, e-commerce and management of XL’s customer data platform. The agency featured Dwi Sapta, Carat and iProspect, and Dwi Sapta will take the lead on this account. The pitch was called in early February and Mindshare was also in the running for the account.

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