It is no longer news that the leaders and stakeholders of the Anambra South PDP Senatorial District have unanimously endorsed Lolo Uju Osude for the position of Anambra PDP Secretary of State.

Recall that Anambra South Senatorial District leaders and stakeholders held a progressive meeting on Friday, April 1, 2022 to come up with a unity slate for the area ahead of the scheduled Party Congress in Anambra State .

One of the main reasons why the organizer and Acting President of the PDP Anambra South Senatorial District Leader JJ Malizu called the above meeting was for the zone to go to the party congress scheduled by the State with its first eleven (11) and a united forum.

A brief look at how Lady Uju Osude became the consensus candidate for Aguata LGA:

The post of PDP Secretary of State was micro-zoned to the Aguata Local Government Area during the PDP Anambra South Senatorial District meeting earlier this year.

The micro-zoning of offices by the Anambra South PDP Zonal Executives was done to create a balance between certain marginalized areas of the Senate District as currently reflected in the current state executive positions.

At the initial stage, more than six (6) Aguata LGA aspirants declared their interest in serving the party as Secretary of State.

Much consultation and political intrigue with much more historical scrutiny has taken place by Aguata PDP stakeholders, prompting some of the aspirants to drop out of the race in the spirit of fairness and justice, ne therefore leaving behind only two candidates, namely: –

  1. Lolo Uju B.Osude of Igbo-Ukwu, Aguata II Constituency.
  2. Chief Tony Offiah (Akajiugo Uga) of Uga, Aguata Ward I.

After due consideration/consultation by Aguata PDP stakeholders, it has been decided to present Lolo Uju B. Osude as its consensus candidate for the position of Secretary of State of the PDP in the spirit of fairness, d fairness and natural justice.

Some of the main reasons why Lolo Uju B. Osude was presented to the Anambra South Senate District as the Aguata PDP Consensus Candidate was;

(1) Lolo Uju Osude joined the People’s Democratic Party in 2009 and contested to represent Aguata Constituency II through the PDP despite her mandate being thwarted, she remained a loyal and committed woman until day.

(2) She was a member of the PDP National Convention Planning Committee in 2011, 2016 and 2021; play a huge role in advancing the Party’s cause in this capacity. In 2015, she served as a member of the National Presidential Campaign Council of the PDP and in 2018 as a member of the Anambra PDP Governor’s Election Campaign Committee (OHO).

(3) Lolo has great academic and professional qualifications, work experience and a great personality.

(4) Uju Osude is from Aguata Constituency II, thus equaling the huge marginalization that was seen in the last dispensation where Aguata I Constituency was granted two state positions – State Financial Secretary and ex-officio held by Hon. Amesi’s Okey Okpala (Secretary of State for Finance) and the same Chief Tony Offiah (ex-officio of State-3).

(5) Aguata Constituency 1 will also field a candidate for the Federal House of Representatives due to the rotation agreement between the two Aguata LGA State constituencies and therefore fairness and natural justice suggest that the microzoned party position in Aguata LGA should move to Aguata II constituency.

(6) Finally, the Aguata PDP stakeholders considered that the PDP had a serious focus on gender inclusion and therefore chose to make history of the production of the first female Secretary of State of the Anambra PDP in the person of Dame Uju Osude and hence his presentation to the leadership and stakeholders of the Anambra South PDP senatorial district in Nnewi which garnered his collective endorsement.


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