Weekly GOP radio address: Sen. Kooyenga says bipartisanship is in the spotlight as RNC picks Milwaukee for 2024 Convention


Hi. This is State Senator Dale Kooyenga, representing Wisconsin’s 5th Senate District.

A show of bipartisanship was on display last month when the city of Milwaukee learned it had been chosen by the Republican National Committee to host its next convention in 2024. Milwaukee was chosen from cities including Nashville, Salt Lake City and Pittsburgh, among others.

The announcement was made during a joint press conference with RNC President Ronna McDaniel and Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson.

While the mayor of Milwaukee admitted he doesn’t share the same views as many candidates and members who will be at the convention, he agreed that hosting the RNC convention has the potential to generate millions in revenue. taxes and gives Milwaukee a prime opportunity to show why it’s a world-class city and why Milwaukee should be a destination for conventions and other large-scale events that attract people and tourists from across the country. It is estimated that the convention could bring in up to $200 million to the city and surrounding areas.

I want to commend the City Council, Mayor and everyone involved for putting politics aside to bring the convention to Milwaukee to showcase all that the city has to offer.


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