The Motor Maids drive through Rapid City for the 2022 Convention


RAPID CITY, SD (KELO) — Ladies, start your engines! Motor Maids drove through Rapid City today for their 2022 convention.

Women from across the country and beyond traveled to the Black Hills for this year’s Motor Maid convention.

Including longtime member Margaret “Sugar” Menges.

“I had no one to ride with. I was a farmer’s wife and all we did was harvest and milk the cows and stuff and when I had my undergraduate this lady told me about Motor Maids and she invited me at an event. And when I went to this event, everyone was so friendly and I thought, “This is an organization I want to belong to,” Menges said.

The organization was founded in the 1940s. Today there are over 430 members riding here in Rapid City.

And 1,400 members in total. The group continues to grow with new members like Marcia Kelbon.

“The problem with Motor Maids is that a lot of us started riding when it was very unusual. So you have people who think outside the box and personalities who stand out and are really independent and I just appreciate that spirit,” Kelbon said.

Motor Maids was created to promote safe riding and normalize women on motorcycles. But these ladies say it’s more like a sisterhood with a shared passion.

“You find out that we’re just regular women and we all have a common interest in riding,” Menges said.

Women of all ages can be part of Motor Maids. The requirements are that the wife or a member of her immediate family own a motorcycle. Members must also ride to and from the convention.


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