The lieutenant governor does not want to discuss the white nationalist convention


Idaho Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin is the latest Republican to stand up after being asked to explain her ties to prominent white nationalists. In a recent interview, McGeachin was asked the simple question of why she chose to speak at an event hosted by alt-right spokesperson Nick Fuentes last month. Rather than answer that question, she string together a series of nonsensical clauses and walks away.

A Boise reporter named Brian Holmes asked McGeachin why she spoke as a speaker at Fuentes’ “America First Political Action Conference,” which markets itself as a more openly racist alternative to CPAC.

This exchange is definitely worth watching in its entirety, but here’s a breakdown of the gist, because this level of racist inanity can be hard to watch:

Holmes: Do you know who organizes this event, like Nick Fuentes?

McGeachin: I don’t know who he is. I don’t—I never met him. I don’t know who he is.

Holmes: Didn’t you consider the question before deciding to say “Ok”? I would like to know – his name is on it.

McGeachin: Well, you know what, Nick Fuentes, like I said, I don’t know him. He’s never – I’ve never met him. I don’t know what he is, what he is, anything he says or doesn’t say doesn’t reflect who I am or who the thousands of others who are in this movement are.

It would be nice to hear McGeachin describe exactly what “movement” she says is being championed at a conference Fuentes organizes if not white nationalism. To be fair, he has other passions: homophobia, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, misogyny, to name a few. According to McGeachin, which of these was exactly the topic of this conference?

She insists, however, that she hasn’t even done a basic Google search of her name. (If she had, she wouldn’t have had to click a single link to see the phrase “white nationalist” appear a dozen times on the first page of search results.) And according to her, even asking if she did is tantamount to “murder”.

Holmes: You didn’t bother looking up his name or anything?

McGeachin: I did not say that.

Holmes: Did you look for it?

McGeachin: That’s not the question you asked me.

It was indeed the case, but let’s move on…

When pressed, McGeachin – an outspoken anti-vaxxer who was best known until now for attempting a minor coup when the governor of Idaho left for a work trip a few years ago. months – says she has been looking for Fuentes since she spoke at the conference, but not before. Which seems weird because if I hosted a conference and invited the Lieutenant Governor to speak, I assume she or someone on her team would seek me out and probably turn them down immediately, given that our values ​​clearly don’t match.

So, do McGeachin’s values ​​align with Fuentes’? It’s hard to say since when asked very basic question of “Did you find out who Nick Fuentes was and what he was talking about? Like, things he said,” here’s how she responded:

McGeachin: It is not fair. Mainstream media, you do it to conservatives all the time, but you don’t do it to yourself. That whenever – whenever there is some sort of affiliation with anyone at any time on any stage, we are all guilty by association. And that’s not appropriate.

Holmes pointed out that the association “is not good” – specifically to be associated with someone who is anti-Semitic, at which point McGeachin lost it, waving his hand in front of his face, saying “Stop, STOP, EXCUSE ME, EXCUSE ME,” but offering no real excuse other than the fact that she can’t be expected to know literally anything about someone she basically approves of. speaking at a conference they organized. (She has repeatedly tried to paint Fuentes as essentially someone she happened to be in a room with once, which is definitely not the case here. He is the main organizer of a major event whose she chose to be a part.)

McGeachin isn’t the only Republican trying to pretend to ignore Fuentes and what he stands for though, again, if you google his name it’s literally the first thing that pops up:

A screenshot of a Wikipedia entry stating:

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who thrives on controversy and attention, was also a speaker at the same convention. She also claimed she didn’t know anything about Fuentes beforehand and, like McGeachin, blamed “identity politics” for trying to “cancel” her over tacit approval.

Meanwhile, Rep. Paul Gosar, who made no effort to hide his own innate horror, went through it all when he appeared at the Fuentes event last year, so I don’t think anyone trying to get an explanation or an apology for the video address he sent this year. Unlike McGeachin and Greene, he simply acknowledges the fact that he wanted to be the star guest at a white nationalist convention.

And just in case you think the moniker “white nationalist” might be applied too casually here, Vanity Fair’s Bess Levin breaks down the whole Fuentes affair:

How big of a bigot is Fuentes? If you didn’t catch the ADL’s description of him earlier and need more details, he would have: claimed that “white people are under attack”; said there was going to be a “genocide” on young white men; interracial marriage criticized; suggested that black people were too sensitive to the injustice of Jim Crow-era racist laws (“Oh no, they had to go to different schools. Their water fountain in that famous photo was worse. Who s’ Care? Grow up, drink from the fucking water fountain. It’s water, it’s the same. Even it was bad, we don’t care. We all agree, it’s better for them is better for us. It’s better in general,” he says); denied the Holocaust and compared Jews burning in gas chambers to baking cookies. Naturally, he attended the 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., and later helped organize numerous “Stop the Steal” protests through January 6. On January 4, he allegedly uploaded a video in which he said: you and I are doing to declare lawmakers in addition to killing them? Although we shouldn’t do that. I’m not advising you that, but I mean, what else are you going to do?

But of course, we will believe that these elected officials and adults did not do a simple search on Google before attending his convention.

(via: CNN, image: screenshot)

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