The IT pole organizes a stakeholder meeting on improving the digital economy



Yison Tech Hub, an information technology (IT) company based in Wa, in collaboration with the Ghana Tech Lab, organized a stakeholder consultative engagement to discuss ways to improve the local economy for the creation of jobs through digital technology.

The engagement also aimed to create the platform for stakeholders to discuss potentials and opportunities, gaps, challenges, strategies and policies of transforming the local economy through mobile applications.

Mr. Issahaque Mr. Serikpera Naa, CEO of Yison Tech Hub, addressing the meeting, said the mobile app has become a tool for economic transformation in a world of technological advancement.

The program, which focused on the theme: “The role of the mobile application in transforming the local economy for job creation and economic development”, brought together actors from the private and public sectors.

Mr. Serikoera Naa said the outcome of the engagement would feed into the development of a policy document that would be incorporated into a well-structured and informed curriculum for his training activities.

“This will help us develop a roadmap for achieving a sustainable local digital economy through the transformation of mobile applications in the Upper West region.

“The use of mobile application technology can drive innovation, economic growth and job creation in many key sectors such as finance, health, education, transport, agriculture, arts and culture economy and allows greater interconnection of markets in the country and the rest of the world, ”he explained.

Upper West regional minister Dr Hafiz Bin Salih, in a speech read on his behalf, praised Yison Tech Hub for the initiative and said it would help create jobs for the region’s teeming youth in the information technology sector, given the limited employment opportunities available in the public sector.

“Young people need to be introduced to coding early in their lives and our schools should take the lead in this direction.

“The Ghana Education Service needs to revise its curricula to introduce ICT as a subject that has exposed most students to information technology,” he said.

The regional minister thus declared that the complementary role of the private sector such as Yison Tech Hub is very critical in the development and training of young people in the mobile application.



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