Stone Island launches new retail concept in Chicago


To celebrate the brand’s 40th anniversary, Stone Island has teamed up with Rem Koolhaas’ OMA/AMO to develop a new concept store in Chicago. According to Stone Island, the new location seeks to transcend a store designed solely for transactional activities, designed as a place for new points of reference, a hub for its communities and a place where the brand can share experiences and put all the richness of his research and exposed experiments.

“Research and innovation are at the heart of Stone Island. The space, materiality and program of the stores underpin the brand’s philosophy and reinforce the sense of belonging of its community of like-minded people,” writes Samir Bantal, Director of AMO.

The new store features alternate spaces that showcase the brand’s dedication to technology and development. At the same time, niches for archival pieces and prototypes are reserved to showcase past ideas and future product design ambitions. Overall, the design of the OMA/AMO store was inspired by Stone Island’s approach to transforming typical materials into unique ones.

The space’s stone finishes were made using specially treated materials without the use of concrete or stone. Shredded paper and resins were compressed under high pressure to appear as faux concrete panels with sanded cork and sand coated corrugated steel panels also appearing as central building materials. Finally, a large digital chandelier hangs from the ceiling, broadcasting Stone Island’s messages to its community.

“Stone Island and AMO share values ​​of innovation, functionality and passion,” says Carlo Rivetti, Creative Director and President of Stone Island. “I am happy to start this important partnership, a new visual approach for our stores, to speak to our communities.

The new 180 square meter Chicago concept store opened Thursday is the first of several other locations planned in Seoul, Munich and Stockholm. Outside of store hours, the spaces will also be used to host public presentations, trade shows, workshops and private events. Take a closer look above.

stone island
48 Oak Street East
Chicago, IL 60611

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