Statement from Anbaric on First New Jersey Offshore Wind Transportation Stakeholder Meeting


Statement from Anbaric on First New Jersey Offshore Wind Transportation Stakeholder Meeting

March 22, 2022 – Anbaric Development Partners, a leading developer of electric transmission projects, today released the following statement from Janice Fuller, President of Mid-Atlantic, regarding the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities’ inaugural stakeholder meeting ( BPU) on the Offshore Wind State Agreement Transmission Initiative approach:

Anbaric commends the BPU for hosting the first in a series of public stakeholder meetings on the offshore wind transmission solicitation process. Anbaric believes that public engagement and stakeholder input are critical to the long-term success of the OSW industry, and by allowing bidders to discuss the benefits of transmission-specific projects, the BPU has taken a step forward. forward in its commitment to a thorough and transparent process. .

“Additionally, Anbaric is excited to be part of this cutting-edge process with its fully underground transmission designs that increase grid reliability while significantly reducing the number of cables required and associated trenches, compared to AC designs, as well as to advance our local partnerships. , commitment to union work and the best cost protections in the industry.

“Today’s presentations clearly show that the industry has embraced the benefits of planned transmission, which Anbaric has long advocated, including reduced environmental impacts, optimized interconnection points, lower costs and the ability to help move the industry forward Today’s presentations provided an opportunity to show how Boardwalk Power Link projects provide the most forward-looking, cost-effective, and most efficient solutions. effective for New Jersey.

About Anbaric:

Anbaric is a US-based, majority employee-owned company focused on renewable energy planning and scaling. Anbaric develops clean energy infrastructure to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy in North America, specializing in the design, development, financing and construction of large-scale electricity transmission and storage systems. For more information about the company, visit


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