Stakeholders speak out on sustainability, building the family businesses of the future


Kayode Tokede

A Next-gen session hosted by PwC’s in Lagos revealed how the experiences of the next generation of business leaders and family business leaders can be an invaluable resource for other family businesses.

Speaking at the session, “Today and Beyond: The Next Generation Challenges the Family Business Status Quo,” Honeywell Group Business Services Manager Tomi Otudeko explained how to join the family business has focused on the issues and further improved its work ethic, “I understand that I’m not just fighting for my family; I fight for employees as a family. I fight for the community in which I am. it’s important to me and it’s not just a job! “

Otudeko further shared some insights on how family businesses can attract great investors and ensure long-term impact while focusing on sustainability in line with environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. She then explained what the ESG framework is and how Honeywell Group uses it to strengthen its position in the investment community.

Principal of the school, Ikoyi Campus, Greensprings School, OluRanti Bankole mentioned that there are integral lessons to be learned from current generation leadership such as the power of good communication.

According to her, “Communication is the most important lesson I learned from my mother. I learned to articulate my ideals and ideas more concisely and effectively.

She went on to explain how this important capability has helped her improve her business operations and greatly enhanced her ability to add value to the business.

When it comes to identifying what matters and what may seem like a problem for next generation business leaders, Managing Partner, VYBROS Invest BV, Guy Vande Vyvere believes that “we all have great ideas and look forward to putting them into action.

“However, what good are our big ideas as the ‘next generation’ if they are not executed well? Yes, the goal is to execute all of our incredible ideas; However, rather than having ten great ideas with a 50% success rate, next generation business leaders should focus on executing those ideas one at a time and making sure there is a Brilliant idea that achieves a 100% success rate every time. ”


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