Stakeholders advocate for rice fortification policy in Nigeria


Experts and stakeholders in the food and agriculture sector reiterated the need to draft a policy document for rice fortification in Nigeria, adding that this would lead to the adoption of an inclusive strategy to recognize the market structure of rice. ‘industry.

This is even as TechnoServe, a non-profit organization, is set to launch its Technical Assistance Acceleration Program (TAAP), aimed at increasing the diversity of fortified food availability in Nigeria.

The TAAP initiative, experts said, would ensure that Nigerians have access to nutrition at a time when soaring food prices are affecting consumption patterns, adding that a focus would be on rice in its campaign. fortification under the previous Strengthening African Processors of Fortified Foods (SAPFF).

The experts, who spoke at an advocacy workshop for TAAP, said the country’s rice industry is similar to its edible oil industry, as the value chains of the two industries are very fragmented.

They urged the country to consider the structure of the market by considering the lessons learned from the fortification campaign of the edible oil sector in the previous SAPFF project while drafting the policy document for rice fortification.

Speaking at the TAAP launch, National Project Manager Ayodele Tella said that “we need to consider the market structure and look at what has worked in the oil sector when drafting the policy document for rice fortification”.


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