REPORT: Small businesses are hurting under Biden, oppose IRS expansion


“America’s small businesses can’t take a break,” wrote Lydia DePillis in The New York Times earlier this year. “After two years of closures and restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they are struggling to keep up with price increases without losing customers to larger competitors. They are struggling to keep jobs filled as competition for workers remains at a fever pitch. And just as many business owners begin to recoup and shore up their depleted savings, they fear that the Federal Reserve’s inflation medicine will bring new hardship: higher borrowing costs and shy consumers.

She goes on to explain that pessimism about the future of small business in America is shockingly high, with many small business owners speculating that they will have to close within a year unless a change in economic conditions occurs. produce soon. She notes that small businesses have created two out of three jobs since 1997meaning the economy as a whole would suffer – and is likely already suffering – as small businesses struggle to keep their doors open.

Adding to the problems for these business owners is Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, which more than doubled the size of the IRS. According to a survey by the Job Creators Network Foundation made available exclusively to The daily thread“about 70% [of 500 small business owners] oppose the doubling of the size of the agency. Many fear that the 87,000 new IRS staff the government has pledged to hire will be used to expand the IRS’ auditing capabilities.

“Nobody likes being audited by the IRS, especially those who can’t afford to fight it,” said Job Creators Network Foundation President Elaine Parker. The daily thread. “The easiest audit for the IRS is a no-fight audit, where they send a letter and get more money from those who don’t challenge them. Otherwise, why do you think the IRS audits the poor five times more than everyone else? »

Parker further points out that small businesses are “woefully ill-prepared” to withstand IRS audits, which often makes it easier for them to comply with government demands “rather than engage in a time-consuming fight they have little chance of winning.”

Small businesses are at the heart of our economy and the American dream. Any government official who truly cared about the welfare of the American people would work to sideline government and foster an environment in which business owners were free to succeed.

Instead, small businesses are burdened with the unfair demands and regulations of an authoritarian government that is more interested in lining the pockets of its politicians than supporting the men and women whose hard work is the lifeblood. of our free market.

At Convention of States, we believe that decisions should be made as close to home as possible and that the national government should not be allowed to hijack the day-to-day operations of your local businesses. By calling an Article V state convention, we can take that power back from the bureaucrats in Washington and give it back to the American people.

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