Reindeer find home in Loveland at Jessen Reindeer Ranch



LOVELAND, Colo. (KDVR) – Northern Colorado is a long way from the North Pole, but that hasn’t stopped breeder Chris Jessen from introducing alternative cattle.

“I’ve always loved (the) deer and elk here in Colorado. And reindeer are just another species of deer or deer, ”Jessen said.

This is the neighborhood. In three years, the Jessen Reindeer Ranch in Loveland has grown from 7 to 10 reindeer. Chris looks like a proud dad when he talks about his exotic additions.

“Girls and boys grow wood. I am always fascinated by the antlers and their growth, ”said Jessen. “Reindeer have more hair per square inch than any other land animal. These guys can survive temperatures as low as -70 degrees.

This is good, as Jessen’s reindeer are mainly worked during the winter as exhibits for public and private events.

“We’re booking roughly July,” Jessen said. “We had to turn down more than 90 events this year. “

The holiday season is particularly busy. Apart from tree lighting and office parties, Jessen’s herd has another huge responsibility.

“When Christmas Eve rolls around we have these guys all ready to go in case one of Santa’s reindeer gets sick or maybe they just get tired,” Jessen said with a wink. .

Until then, Jessen’s backup plan will wait in the bullpen.



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