Powerball jackpot rises to $147 million for March 19 draw


Another Powerball draw ended without a jackpot winner on Wednesday. For today, March 19, the grand prize gets another bump for $147 million. Many lottery winners choose to win their top prize in a single lump sum payment, which for this jackpot would be approximately $97.1 million.

Again in the previous draw, there were no second tier winners of $1 million or more. Will the higher jackpot attract more lottery players this weekend, and will one of them take home a major prize? Check back here to find out, after the draw at 11:00 p.m. EST.

Powerball Winning Numbers for Saturday, March 19, 2022

Winning numbers: 8 – 9 – 18 – 48 – 52

Power Ball: 6

Multiplier: 2x

Up to $500 bonus on first deposit!

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The impractical possibilities of tonight’s jackpot

With the flat rate option totaling slightly less $100 million for tonight’s Powerball jackpot, we thought we’d explore what a winner could do with this kind of scratch.

Of course, if you were to win, there are responsible steps you should take, such as hiring a lawyer and financial advisors, and investing for the future. But just for fun, here are some less convenient ways to spend $100 million.

Buy a Picasso

It’s hard to determine the exact price of an original work from the father of Cubism, but a hundred mills should put you in the neighborhood. If you’re interested in the world of art collecting, your earnings could help get your collecting off to a flying start.

Build an amusement park in your backyard

The roller coaster costs around $8 million to design and build from scratch. But you’re rich now, so why stop at one? Assuming you have the square footage, you could build 12 of these yourself!

Hire Taylor Swift

Pop singer Taylor Swift charges around $1 million to appear and perform at private events. You could dazzle the Swifties in your life with live Taylor concerts once a week for nearly two years!

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Please play lottery games responsibly.


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