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PADUCAH – The Paducah Convention Center has faced a fine of $ 5,000 this year from Alcoholic Beverage Control. Following the installations of indoor sports floors, several tournaments were organized at the convention center. In early March, the establishment was fined during one of the basketball tournaments held.

“There was a tournament that people gathered to watch the game, and I had security there to disperse them. It wasn’t an ongoing thing, and we had several tournaments in the same league during several weeks, ”said Michelle Campbell, Executive Director of the Paducah Convention Center. said. “So that was the last tournament of last week. It was just weird.”

She says masks and social distancing were required for people participating in the tournament. Campbell also hired security to enforce the rules. Despite all this, the convention center was still fined.

“I was very surprised,” says Campbell. “And then I started to contact other retailers and learned that several had been fined. It was a very difficult time for us so $ 5,000 was a big deal.”

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She then worked to challenge the fine. The convention center enlisted the law firm Boehl Stopher & Graves to help with the disputes. Eddie Jones was the lawyer. Their request for dismissal indicates that Scott Brown, a local ABC agent, attended one of the tournaments held in early March. Brown imposed the fine, claiming the convention center constituted disorderly behavior after a group of people gathered at the end of one of the courts to watch a game that was in overtime. These people were standing and were completely masked, but had to be seated. The fine was also imposed for violating a COVID-19 order from Governor Andy Beshear, but the order had expired and had not been extended by the Governor or the Kentucky Legislature.

“It was really unusual because we weren’t serving alcohol and it would have impacted our insurance of selling alcohol,” Campbell said. “I thought it was pretty hard.”

The fine is now canceled and the convention center no longer has to pay. Campbell says they plan to host more indoor sports tournaments in the near future.

Complete request for cancellation of the fine:

Final order approving the dismissal:



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