Norwich ice cream vans on the brink due to cost of living


10:40 am 16 June 2022

Across the beautiful city, memories of chasing the tune of an ice cream van are fondly recalled.

But are the candy vendors’ days numbered?

A Norwich fleet said it refused to let the nostalgic summer snack go to waste – despite a significant drop in sales.

Gurrch Landa, 29, from Catton, owner of the town’s Mr Whippy fleet, said: “We have noticed a drop since the cost of living crisis began.

Mr Whippy has 45 menu items that include popular flavors like Oreo and Biscoff.
– Credit: Gurrch Landa

“Fortunately, we still have regular customers, but we don’t really have people who just come in to buy one.

“We are also only seeing a few new customers.”

As a result, Mr Whippy’s fleet has had to turn to more private events to help keep it in business.

My Whippy can now be found at parties, weddings, birthday parties and corporate events.

Gurrch added: “The thing is, ice cream is an added luxury to life and people worry about how they’re going to pay for their gas and electricity so they don’t think about ice cream.

“We’ve had to take other avenues to make money – we can’t cut prices, that’s just not an option.”

Gurrch's favorite thing on the menu is a Kinder Bueno waffle desert.

Gurrch’s favorite thing on the menu is a Kinder Bueno waffle desert.
– Credit: Gurrch Landa

“We use high quality products and with the price of everything going up, we would lose money if we lowered our prices,” Gurrch explained.

As a result, Mr. Whippy will continue to offer street-to-street services, but will stagger his visits rather than daily visits.

Although those lucky enough to visit a Mr Whippy van will be spoiled for choice, with 45 items on the menu there is something for everyone.

There are three ice cream vans in Mr. Whippy's fleet.

There are three ice cream vans in Mr. Whippy’s fleet.
– Credit: Gurrch Landa

Gurrch said: “We have a modern fleet. You can get your classics, but we also offer flavors like Oreo and Biscoff.

Gurrch’s favorite item on the menu is a Kinder Bueno waffle dessert platter, which contains a waffle, ice cream, sauce and kinder bueno and costs £6.

Mr Whippy can be privatized and can be reached via his Facebook and Instagram pages.


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