Nollywood Stakeholders Petition Presidency Over Alleged Bullying Of Actress And Arrest By Umuahia Socialite


By Zika Bobby, Lagos

Nollywood stakeholders are in shock following the events of June 18, where an actress, Chioma Toplis, was arrested and taken away on the orders of an Umuahia-based businessman and businessman.

The incident being generally considered to be a “kidnapping” in Nollywood, has led to a series of consultations, with the aim of forming a team of industry professionals, who will file formal complaints with the presidency as well as with law enforcement agencies. concerned security. Nollywood sources have revealed that the anger is due to how security agencies allowed themselves to be manipulated into embarking on an illegal journey, which led to the actress being held in inhumane conditions despite her condition. health.

“We come together on this and hope to use this to end all forms of assault on our members by anyone. We are officially taking the matter to the highest authority in the country and hope this sends a signal that the actors are responsible professionals who cannot be cajoled, ”said a source.

The actress, Chioma Toplis, said in an interview that she lives in apprehension after the incident and demands that the leader of Umuahia be forced by the authorities to sign a pledge not to harm him or to none of his siblings.

According to the actress, she had received reports of plans to raid her home in Lagos, but responded with a petition to the Inspector General of Police before the June 18 incidents, where men took to task. assault her fashion outfit to take her without guarantee.

“They asked for my ID card and the phones they seized. I begged to call my lawyer or my family but they refused. When I asked where they were taking me they said Ikeja. At the IRT premises, they took me to an office confined outside their main office. They told me that their boss was coming to tell me what I was doing. People didn’t know where I was. My colleagues contacted the CP in Lagos, who confirmed that there was no trace of me and it caused so much panic because everyone concluded that I had been kidnapped. When I spoke to their boss on the phone, he was tough on me and asked me to cooperate or risk being handcuffed and humiliated as they prepared to take me to the airport. Before that, my legs were swollen because I had been sitting for over 11 hours. I told them I needed my meds, but they ignored me. I was flown to Owerri, before being taken to Umuahia. At that time, my health was deteriorating. At Umuahia Police Headquarters, Zone 9, I was interrogated and luckily there was no evidence against me, which led to the case being transferred to the IGP IRT office in Abuja ” , she said.

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