NGF Summit: It’s a new dawn for golf in Nigeria, say stakeholders


1 Stakeholders at the just ended Nigeria Golf Federation (NGF) Summit says it’s a new dawn for the game of golf in the country.

2 News Agency of Nigeria reports that the inaugural three-day NGF Captains’ Summit, which kicked off on Wednesday, ended in Abuja on Friday with the participation of as many as 70 golf clubs across the country.

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3 A representative sample of stakeholders, who spoke to NOPE at the end of the summit, said the event would usher in a new wave of development in the game of golf in Nigeria.

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4 Ekanem Ekwueme, the only certified woman World Handicap System (WHS) The course evaluator in Nigeria, said this was a new phase, adding that the WHS concept would change the perception of golf in Nigeria.

5 “It’s a new dawn in golf in Nigeria.

6 I can assure you that golf is wearing a new face in the country.

seven “We just have to thank God for the chairman we now have at NGF in the person of Olusegun Runsewe.

8 “We couldn’t have done better, seriously, because it takes serious passion to execute what he’s doing in the golf federation right now.

9 “I speak as someone who also has a passion for golf.

ten I can tell you he does a really good job and I don’t think we’ve ever had so many captains in a place like this before.

11 “This alone is a great achievement and I must congratulate our president for organizing this very important summit,” she said.

12 Bello Suleiman, the northeast zone representative on the NGF board, said the summit was indeed a good thing for the development of golf in the country.

13 “I think it’s a good thing that has happened to the development of golf in Nigeria.

14 “I was on the former NGF board as vice president and we did our best but couldn’t accomplish much compared to what we see today. .

15 “You see all of our captains, as well as other stakeholders,
come together to fertilize ideas and chart a new course for the sport.

16 “Indeed, so much has been discussed and there is a lot to take home,” he said.

17 Tony Philmore, executive director of the Professional Golfers Association of Nigeria, said the summit was a new dawn and helped make things easier for a professional body such as the PGA from Nigeria.

18 “It’s a wonderful development and has really made it easier for professional bodies like ours to search and find tournaments.

19 “You will agree with me that lately it has been very difficult for us even though we had launched the Naija Tour which is the commercial wing of the PGA of Nigeria,” he said.

20 He said the WHS was a welcome idea that would help unify all disabilities in the country.

21 “You find that club to club have different course characteristics and so people tend to have different handicaps, but with this development there will be a unified handicap system,” he said. declared.

22 Juliet Monyei-Inyere, President of the Women’s Golf Association of Nigeria (LGAN), praised the summit organizers, adding that it helped her network and learn about the WHS concept process.

23 “The summit was a success and I would like to congratulate the NGF for organizing it, as we learned a lot during this summit, especially regarding the WHS.
“It also gave me the opportunity to get to know other club captains and at this summit.

24 I was able to call on them to support the women’s section which is an organ of LGAN.

25 “For those of them who don’t have LGANs in their various clubs, we also urged them to encourage the ladies who play in their club to be part of LGAN,” she said.

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27 B Bello, Grand Patron of Parkland Golf Resort Club, Abuja, said the summit was a fantastic outing and a very good development for golf in Nigeria.

28 “The summit laid the foundation for sustainable development and we, as stakeholders, hope to contribute to it.

29 `The introduction of the WHS concept is also very commendable as it means that everything golf related in the country will now be done well and professionally.

30 “I think this is a change that we really need,” he said.

31 Ogechi Osuagwu, captain of Arsenal Golf and Country Club, said the summit would help the growth of golf in Nigeria.

32 “I think it’s a very good initiative, for all the captains to come together to share ideas and look at all the challenges they have and see how they can solve them and come up with solutions.

33 “I want to say that this will indeed help the growth of golf in the country and we also believe that by leaving here we will return to our respective clubs and spread the message to our members.

34 “We want to see how we can incorporate the new WHS concept once it takes full effect in Nigeria and move the game of golf forward in the country,” he said.

35 Ahmed Sabo, captain of Calabar Golf Club, said the summit was a commendable development which went a long way in showing that NGF was genuinely interested in coordinating the affairs of golf in Nigeria.

36 “Honestly, this is a wonderful development and one to be commended.

37 “The NGF and the President have done wonderfully well.

38 You can imagine the turnout we recorded, especially this one being the first of its kind in the history of golf in Nigeria.

39 “The massive turnout from the various club captains was proof that the NGF has the full support of all stakeholders and will have no problem coordinating the affairs of golf in the country,” he said.

40 He noted that the WHS was also a welcome development, adding that it would harmonize the handicap of all players in the country and eliminate many discrepancies in the game.

41 Anthony Oboh, Golf Captain, Ikoyi Club 1938, Lagos said: “This is the synergy we are looking for because a tree cannot make a forest.

42 Yes, we are numero uno because of our proximity, our age and the strength of our members.

43 “But coming here has indeed shown me that there are other golf clubs beyond us.

44 I’m surprised there are up to 70 golf captains who have come here.

45 “Although some other golf clubs are not as big as us, but the idea is that we unite, synergize and push the game of golf forward in the country.

46 “However, it’s not just for golfers but for the rest of the country because golf is a game for everyone and not just the elite,” he said.

47 Shija Abellegah of the Sappers Golf Club, Makurdinoted that the attendance at the event was very impressive.

48 “The content of the summit was very impressive and I will score it with over 90% success.

49 “It is indeed only the beginning and I think it will get much better.

50 I congratulate the president of the NGF and all his team.

51 “Also to the golfers for taking this strategic step towards golf at the next level in the country,” he said.

52 Jacob Tsado, the captain of National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) Kuru, Josesaid the summit was a historic event in the history of golf in Nigeria.

53 “Bringing together the different clubs from different geo-political zones to examine the state of golf in the country and chart the way forward is a great idea.

54 “This will go a long way in improving the game of golf in Nigeria and the President and his leaders are to be commended for that,” he said.

55 Babatunde Salami, the captain of the Tiger Golf Club, Ibadansaid the summit was unique and very fitting.

56 “It’s unique and it’s good that it’s happening now.

57 From the turn of events, it is very evident that this is going to be a new dawn in golf.

58 “It will usher in a new and serious development as far as golf is concerned.

“We are very happy and I have to tell you that there is no captain present here who you will ask about this summit who will not be happy with what happened in Abuja,” he said. -he declares.

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