New GAOC with Stakeholders and Experts Launches National Campaign for Organic Fertilizer Production for “Yala Season – 2022”



New GAOC with Stakeholders and Experts Launches National Campaign for Organic Fertilizer Production for “Yala Season – 2022”

The newly established Green Agriculture Operations Center (GAOC) in Rajagiriya, mandated to lead, implement and coordinate island-wide organic fertilizer production for “Yala Season – 2022” on a presidential directive this afternoon (5) launched its brainstorming session, in the presence of the secretaries to the ministers of agriculture and General Shavendra Silva, head of the Operations Center for Green Agriculture (GAOC), Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces and Commander of the Army. Officials of the Presidential Working Group on Green Agriculture, the cream of the high-level stakeholders from all corners of the island and subject matter experts also join the session.

Mr. DMLD Bandaranayaka, Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture and Mr. MN Ranasinghe, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as General Shavendra Silva, Head of GAOC, clarified the objective of the first meeting of the day of this magnitude in the New Year at GAOC after a warm welcome from the Head of GAOC.

Dr. SHS Ajantha De Silva, DG Agriculture, Mr. AHML Abeyrathna, Commissioner General for Agrarian Development, Dr. Hemantha Wijewardene, Advisor / Organic Agriculture Expert, Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Chandana Lokuhewage, Director National Fertilizer Secretariat, Major (Rtd) Vijitha Welikala, Chairman, Presidential Working Group (PTF), MGN Vernan Perera, Secretary, PTF, Dr Kasun Tharaka Amal, Scientist, Bio Agriculture PTF, MRA Priyantha Perera, Managing Director, Lanka Fertilizer Company, Dr Jayantha Weerarathna, Managing Director of Colombo Commercial Fertilizer Company, Dr Patrick Nugawela, Economist and Agricultural Systems Specialist, Mr. Thilak Kariyawasam, President, Lanka Organic Agriculture Movement, Mr. JM Soorasena, Researcher and Scientist, Agriculture Information Science, Prof. Sanjeewani Ginigaddara, Vice-Chancellor of Rajarata University, Dr. PB Dharamasena, Visiting Lecturer at Rajarata University and Advisor of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations were among the other attendees. this inaugural kickoff of GAOC.

The in-depth discussion, chaired by General Shavendra Silva at GAOC after its founding on December 2, 2021, after having appointed General Shavendra Silva to the head by HE the President largely focused on the possibilities of solving organic and liquid fertilizers, the need for addition of phosphorus, production of egg seeds for the Yala season, use of nano-nitrogen and KCL fertilizer, quality testing for the manure produced, use of alternative agrochemicals for weeds and pesticides , enrichment of the army, the civil security department and the land reform commission – already produced stocks of organic fertilizers, issue of strategic guidelines for paddy cultivation in the Yala 2022 campaign, supply and demand of fertilizers organic and liquid for other crops and crops, knowledge building and training on the use of organic fertilizers for agrarian agents and the community a gricole, inauguration of projects that could provide raw materials and long-term resources for the maintenance of the production process of organic and liquid fertilizers and some other related areas of concern.

The meeting also seriously considered the strategy that could be applied for the use of organic fertilizers in the next Yala season, presenting two solutions considering liquid and solid supplements with the issuance of strict guidelines for this purpose. Likewise, all the stakeholders explored the practical aspects concerning the production of the full quantity of fertilizer, necessary for the Yala season 2022 with the concept of green agriculture in parallel with the use of liquid and carbon dioxide.

In-depth deliberations under 12 key areas of concern also assessed the existing need for liquid fertilizers, herbicides and nano-nitrogen pesticides and their needs, enriching stocks of organic fertilizers already produced for a high quality and preparation of a strategic roadmap to achieve the desired objectives. . An expert participated virtually in the discussions.

The Sri Lankan military at the forefront of launching pioneering projects to produce organic fertilizer at ground level using the expanse of land from all camp locations, has already contributed to the national momentum on the directions of General Shavendra Silva and plans to multiply and accelerate the production process in the coming month on a large scale.

Previously, Sri Lankan army troops took up the challenge of controlling the COVID-19 pandemic under the leadership of General Shavendra Silva who was acting as the head of the National Operations Center for the prevention of the epidemic of COVID-19 (NOCPCO), now functional as GAOC following instructions from HE President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.



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