NANS and Stakeholders Lament the Near Collapse of the Education System in Nigeria


Stakeholders condemned the near collapse of the public education system in Nigeria.

They attribute this to the government’s lack of attention to the sector and the frequent strike activity of the institutions’ staff unions.

They made the remarks at a public conference in Abuja to mark the 40th anniversary celebration of the National Association of Nigerian Students.


The Nigerian education system once had such high standards that it attracted students and faculty from all over the world.
Today, the situation is reversed, with many causes contributing to the decline of the country’s education system.

Problems include ongoing strikes that frequently interfere with the curriculum and inadequate infrastructure that makes it difficult for Nigerian universities to achieve globalization.

Academics at the event believe the only way forward is for the government to invest more in the sector.

They challenged the system’s staff unions to look for other ways to settle their problems with the government than strike action, which is having a serious impact on students’ academic endeavors.

Stakeholders also blame the Student Body for not exerting enough pressure on the federal government and university unions to reach a long-term solution to the constant strikes.

It is the 40th anniversary of the student union, he has taken the time to commemorate this day despite the continuing crisis between the university union and the federal government.

The theme of his commemoration is “The Public Education System on the Verge of Collapse: Save It Now or Prepare for the Alternative.”

NANS is the umbrella body for all Nigerian tertiary students in Nigeria and the Diaspora.


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