My sister’s room is demolished to make room for (more) condos

The owners of My Sister’s Room are looking for a new space. The popular 12th Street lesbian bar in Midtown is being demolished and replaced with condos.

The owner told MSR owners Jennifer and Jami Maguire on October 21 that they had one year to vacate the premises. They broke the news on Facebook October 30.

“To say we’re disappointed is an understatement,” the Maguires told Project Q Atlanta. “But we’re also excited at the same time because every time we’ve moved it’s been an upgrade.”

Their goal is to keep the bar in Midtown.

“We are concerned about the number of gay establishments that have disappeared in recent years, from Cowtippers to Joe’s on Juniper and Einstein’s,” they said. “We want to protect this safe space. We are not going to make a rash decision. We’re tired of saying hey guess what, we’re moving again.

This will be the third move for MSR since the Maguire bought the bar in 2011. It moved from East Atlanta to Midtown in 2015, then moved two doors into its current larger space in 2019.

On the lookout

The Maguire are looking for a space in Midtown of at least 8,000 square feet and will come with a lease of at least 10 years. The current location is 5,000 square feet. A larger facility will allow for more private events, live music, drag shows, a larger stage and more VIP areas.

“We wouldn’t even be against buying our own building at this point,” they said. “We’re not looking for investors or anything. We just want to do it. We want to make sure my sister’s room is protected and secure for the next 25 years.

The owner helps the couple find the new location.

“They are awesome,” said the Maguires. “They had several meetings with us. They try to keep us in their wallet. This is their goal. “

The Maguires stressed that MSR will remain open throughout the process and the move to a new location.

“We will not be closed at any time,” they said. “There will be no time frame when we are closed.”

“It’s going to be an interesting race, but we’re excited. I think we are past the initial shock. We’re ready to start digging and see what happens, ”they added.

My Sister’s Room opened in its original location in Midtown in 1996 and then moved to Decatur.

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