Ministry invites stakeholders to develop comprehensive data management


We expect this discussion to have positive impacts, such as rapid international trade and socio-economic growth.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology has invited various stakeholders to collectively raise awareness on global data management which is expected to boost the growth of the commerce sector internationally.

“We expect this discussion to have positive impacts, such as rapid international trade and socio-economic growth,” noted Communications and Information Technology Minister Johnny G. Plate.

During the High-Level Dialogue Session: Towards the UNCTAD E-Commerce Week Virtual Event on Tuesday, Towards Digital Governance and Data for All, he noted that advancing and implementing implementation of digital transformation faced various challenges.

These challenges include the gap problem that can hinder the equalization of access to connectivity and the global consensus on data regulation that has taken a long time.

In addition, the lack of digital literacy and digital skills necessary to be able to use technology for productive activities posed a challenge.

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This is despite the fact that digital transformation can accelerate growth in various industries, Plate said.

He stressed the importance of discussing the connectivity of physical networks, social interconnectivity and digital security. These must be taken into account in order to support innovative management.

Ultimately, connectivity can support sustainable and inclusive development and reduce the risk of further fragmentation due to the Internet.

“Discussing various points of view at this meeting, Indonesia expects members to further discuss and identify new areas that these nations can agree on,” the minister remarked.

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The Indonesian government is also inviting global knowledge partners, including the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), to develop a comprehensive framework.

This framework aims to facilitate dialogue between stakeholders, including on overall data management.

“This collaborative dialogue is necessary to gather stakeholder perspectives on the implementation of data flow principles and support more reliable cross-border data flow by highlighting various aspects of this issue,” Plate explained.

Within the forum, he also demonstrated Indonesia’s commitment to contributing to the discussion on cross-border data flows, such as through the G20 forum.

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