Ministry acknowledges that stakeholders were involved in repatriating Ethiopians from Beirut –



Addis Ababa, July 19, 2021 (Walta) The Ethiopian Consulate in Beirut hosted an event to recognize the contributions of Ethiopian community associations that have been actively involved in supporting vulnerable Ethiopians during the COVID -19 pandemic and the 2010/21 economic crisis in Lebanon.

During the event, Tsion Teklu, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, delivered an audio message of “thank you” to the attendees.

In her remarks, the minister of state said the media was teeming with horrific stories a year ago when the COVID -19 pandemic began to affect Lebanon in addition to the dire economic situation. But now it is silent due to the coordinated effort of stakeholders in the Ethiopian community.

She expressed her gratitude to all stakeholders including ILO Addis, IOM Lebanon, MSF Lebanon, ELMA Foundation, Freedom Fund, Global Alliance and other NGOs, religious institutions, Ethiopian community in Lebanon and individuals, including consulate staff.

Underlining the Ethiopian government’s commitment to protect the rights of its citizens, Tsion also recognized the leadership of Beirut Consul General Temesgen Oumer.

The Consul General for his part also delivered a message of thanks. While recounting the achievements of the consulate during the Ethiopian fiscal year that has just ended, he said that facilitating the safe and dignified return of around 6,000 vulnerable Ethiopians, providing shelter to more than 970 citizens, the mobilization of plane tickets for more than 1,368 returnees, and the provision of legal services to 345 Ethiopians has been a milestone in the past years.

The president of the Ethiopian community association, Diacon Behailu Getaneh; also delivered a speech urging Ethiopians in Lebanon to strengthen the Ethiopian community association which brings together all sub-groups aimed at strengthening support for vulnerable Ethiopians in the country.

According to information obtained from MoFA, the Consulate General in collaboration with the Ethiopian Community Association has awarded a certificate of recognition to all stakeholders and individuals who have contributed to the urgent needs of the Ethiopian Diaspora there.



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