Mayweather crushes WBC convention | COMBAT SPORTS



Former undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather made an unexpected appearance at the WBC convention in Mexico.

In a video shared by veteran reporter Michael Benson on Twitter, Mayweather is seen speaking to attendees of the event.

The former No.1 pound-for-pound king has said he respects the WBC and other sanctioning bodies, but they need to make the scoring system more transparent because a bad decision can potentially damage boxers’ careers.

“We just want fighters to be treated fairly, and that sometimes hurts me as a fighter, it hurts me while I’m sitting watching boxing on TV… I feel like it’s not. not what is just sports. And it takes me away from the sport when fighters aren’t treated fairly, ”said the legendary boxer.

Social media users praised Mayweather for taking a stand for other boxers despite his retirement from the sport.

He said officials involved in the fight don’t have to go through what a fighter has to do after being subjected to an unfair score.

“It hurts a fighter mentally and physically,” Mayweather said.



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