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Swift, a modern programming language, was announced by Apple Inc. in June 2014. Swift is Apple’s straightforward solution to all problems. It’s really fast and works with the collection like a hit. Swift has a more secure design approach, as it introduced a system to correct common programming errors like pointers. Its syntax is much more user-friendly and concise than the difficult Objective-C. With features like credits, multiple return types, closures, and the type interface, Cocoa and Cocoa touch development reaches a new level.

Let’s take a look at the main features of Apple’s Swift programming language:

Open source

The Swift is developed on, a site dedicated to the open source Swift community. It consists of source code, mailing lists, a bug tracker and regular development lists. offers a Linux version of Swift, with a Linux toolset that includes the LLDB debugger, package manager support, and REPL. Swift runs on a Mac and is able to build apps for iOS, OS X, tvOS, and watchOS.

It supports all Apple platforms. Swift makes software faster and safer, while making programming more fun.

Improved syntax

Swift’s new syntax features allow you to write more expressive code. The SDKs used new Objective-C features such as nullability and generic annotation to make fast code safer and cleaner.

Swift 2.0 offers unified keyword naming rules for methods and functions, extended pattern matching for working in if clauses and for loops, protocol extensions, and more. In Swift, method or function calls use the standard list of parameters separated by commas in parentheses.

Thus, providing a cleaner and more expressive language with a simplified syntax.

Interactive play areas

Swift’s playgrounds are a godsend for professional developers

. It allows programmers to test new graphics or algorithmic routines, without having to create a complete iPhone application.

Apple has also added online code execution to playgrounds that will help programmers write an algorithm or create a piece of code while getting feedback along the way. The feedback loop can improve the speed at which code can be written.

Playgrounds can also contain comments that use bulleted lists in addition to built-in links and images.


Swift removes entire classes of dangerous code. The integers are checked for overflows, the variables are always initialized before use and the memory is managed automatically.

Another feature is that Swift objects can never be null, which means that they can generate a compilation error, as soon as you write bad code. Problems can be fixed as the code is written, reducing the time and money you spend fixing errors.

It triggers a runtime crash if an optional NIL variable was used, which will help avoid the bug or fix it earlier and entirely in the Swift code.

Fast and powerful

Swift has greatly improved by abandoning the legacy C conventions. It uses the amazingly powerful LLVM compiler to transform Swift code into optimized native code.

Swift made sorting objects considerably faster and faster than Python. It provides object-oriented functionality such as protocols, generics, and classes, giving Cocoa and Cocoa touch developers the power and performance they demand.

Objective-C interoperability

Swift’s full compatibility with Objective-C allows you to create a project that includes files written in either language. You can develop applications that have a multilingual code base.

Additionally, you can implement some of the functionality of your app using the latest features from Swift and integrate it seamlessly into your existing Objective-C codebase.


Swift is a complete programming language that builds on the best of Objective-C and C, without the constraints of C compatibility. It follows safe programming models and adds features to make programming more flexible and easier.

Swift provides a fantastic way to write OS X, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS apps, and will continue to evolve with new capabilities and features.

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