Looking Meadow hopes to bounce back from coffee truck carnage



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  • The coffee truck disasters put the brakes on Looking Meadow’s plans.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jamie Herman bought his first vintage camper van and started making it his dream coffee truck. By October 2020, the renovations were complete and she was taking the RV to farmers’ markets and private events, operating as Looking Meadow.

Herman had hoped to use the truck as a stepping stone to his own brick-and-mortar cafe, but that plan ran into trouble this summer.

After a long day of baking and attending two events in July, Herman took an unlucky turn in a parking lot and totaled Looking Meadow’s coffee truck. Insurance helped pay for the damage, but Herman says it’s not easy to find a vintage campervan ready to run like a cafe on wheels.

She thought she was ready to overcome her bad luck when she found an RV in Kansas City that had everything she needed and matched the Looking Meadow aesthetic. Herman bought his replacement earlier this month and has plans to insure him.

“The day before, we had just handed over a cashier’s check to the owners,” Herman explains. “We had gone to try and insure the motorhome and the insurance broker said we wouldn’t be able to do that until Tuesday, and we thought, ‘Okay, sure, we’ll be fine for a day.

On Sunday evening, September 5th, Herman arrived home with the camper, eager to see the future of Looking Meadow. Instead, his hopes collapsed the next morning when someone smashed up what must have been their new coffee truck. She says Looking Meadow would have been up and running again in a matter of weeks after everything was sorted out with the DMV and the health department, but now she doesn’t know when they’ll be back.

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Looking Meadow's replacement motorhome never stood a chance.  - JAMIE HERMAN

  • Looking Meadow’s replacement motorhome never stood a chance.

She doesn’t have the money to buy a third coffee truck in two years. Emily Ahmad, a close friend of Jamie Herman’s family, has created a GoFundMe in the hope of offsetting the cost. The first time Herman’s truck was destroyed, Ahmad offered to set up a GoFundMe, but Herman refused.

“She’s definitely a type of personality who doesn’t like asking for help, so she didn’t want any help or attention,” Ahmad says. “But after the second collision, she was like ‘OK, now I’m ready for help.'”

The GoFundMe won $ 2,540 from 60 donors on Wednesday morning.

Herman isn’t sure if she’ll be able to find another motorhome that might work for her business and is considering pulling off the road. Instead, she hopes to use the donations to open a permanent cafe for Looking Meadow.

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