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United Laguna Woods Mutual’s annual board elections will take place soon.

The candidates on the ballot are vying for five seats on United’s board of directors. Four terms end in the 2024 annual elections; a term ends in the 2022 annual election.

The ballots were sent to United members on August 30.

The deadline for returning the ballots is Thursday, September 30 at 11 a.m., if they are sent to the election inspector’s mailbox.

In case of hand delivery at the community center ballot box, the deadline is Thursday, September 30 at 5 p.m.

The ballots will be compiled on October 1. The new directors will be seated at the annual meeting on Tuesday, October 12 at 9:30 a.m. at the community center.

Seven candidates for United’s board are on the ballot: Maggie Blackwell, Diane Casey, Patricia M. English, Mark A. Greenman, Pearl Lee, Anthony M. Liberatore and Lenny Ross.

  • Laguna Woods Village Clubhouse 7. (Photo courtesy of Mark Rabinowitch)

  • United Mutual Candidate Maggie Blackwell (Courtesy Photo)

  • United Mutual candidate Diane Casey (Courtesy photo)

  • United Mutual candidate Patricia M. English (Courtesy photo)

  • United Mutual candidate Mark A. Greenman (Courtesy photo)

  • United Mutual candidate Pearl Lee (Courtesy photo)

  • United Mutual Candidate Anthony M. Liberatore (Courtesy photo)

  • Lenny Ross, United Mutual candidate (courtesy photo)


Years at Laguna Woods Village: 18

Education: BA English USC, M Ed CSUDH, JD UWLA (with distinction)

Profession / Professional Experience: Secondary school teacher: LA County USD and Hermosa Beach USD; teaching and negotiating teacher contracts; criminal defense attorney: private practice, then with LA County APD

Laguna Woods Village affiliations / activities: Bridge Club; Women’s golf clubs 18 and 9; Friends of the Village; United Board of Directors: secretary, chairman of governing documents, chairman of landscape, chairman of communications; editor for Breeze; director of the GRF; Secretary of Robert’s Rules Study Club

Personal Statement: I support: 1. Establishing a positive work environment with United cooperating with other companies, VMS and staff; 2. Orderly meetings to assess solutions for projects and costs; 3. Directors who follow good business practices and exercise good judgment; 4. Directors who prepare and listen well; 5. Reasonable valuations.

What improvement or change do you think would improve life in the village for its residents? Better village life when administrators abandon power goals and competing tactics and follow approved procedures to make impartial judgments for the good of all.


Years at Laguna Woods: 10

Education: Baccalaureate from University of Hawaii in 1982. Postgraduate work at Defense Contract Audit Institute (DCAI) – 40 hours per year; it is a DCAA and DoD university facility in Memphis. Postgraduate training included computer science, law, advanced accounting and auditing.

Profession / business experience: 3 years in a CPA firm, audited around 100 owners. 18 and a half years as a senior auditor for DCAA, where I audited multi-million dollar contracts in the US and smaller contracts with the help of a translator in European countries from ballast. From June 2020 to June 2021, I was selected to be a member of the Orange County Grand Jury, where we assisted the District Attorney with indictments etc. I also owned a 36 unit motel and an HVAC business.

Laguna Woods Village Affiliations / Activities: Former United Mutual President and Treasurer and GRF Treasurer, Bridge, Pickleball, PC Club Instructor, Topic Masters, Sunday Discussion Club, Hikers Club

Personal statement: Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to occupy interesting and stimulating positions. In addition, I have lived in (several) countries namely England, Canada, South Africa, Germany and the United States, where I now live and plan to stay.

What improvement or change do you think would improve life in the village for its residents? The best asset I can give to Laguna Woods is to encourage respect and fair play among the trustees for the benefit of the residents.


Years at Laguna Woods Village: 1 year, 10 months

Education: University of Minnesota Law School (JD – 1992); University of Illinois (BA – 1987)

Profession / Professional Experience: I am a lawyer who practiced in Minnesota for 23 years. My area of ​​specialization was claimant labor litigation. I have represented former employees who were unlawfully dismissed. I have had four successful appeals to the 8th Circuit Court of Appeal. No other lawyer specializing in plaintiff labor law in Minnesota has had so many victories on the 8th Circuit.

Laguna Woods Village Affiliations / Activities: Music in the Park – In March 2020, I started playing music in Aliso Creek Park to help relieve residents’ isolation and stress from COVID. Since that time, I have given over 160 concerts in the Village, and Music in the Park has grown to include many musicians. Now, thanks to my efforts, there is live music at Laguna Woods every weekend outside at Passive Park near Clubhouse 2. I am very active at Pickleball Club and Softball Club. Through the Sunshine Performance Club, I play music for South County Adult Day Services patients on El Toro Road.

Personal Statement: I am running for the United Board of Directors because I want to share my vast abilities / talents to help make Laguna Woods Village the BEST retirement community in the USA. I care deeply about the happiness and well-being of the residents, as evidenced by Music in the Park, and I intend to be a board member who cares about the issues / concerns of residents.

What improvement or change do you think would improve life in the village for its residents? I would love to see our $ 2 million per year bus system replaced with a very user-friendly transportation system run by LWV staff and volunteers, as they do in Sun City in Palm Desert (a community of 55 and more). Everyone is fed up with seeing empty or almost empty buses that we pay dearly for.


Years at Laguna Woods Village: 3

Education: BS degree in Hospital Dietetics from the University of Illinois

Occupation / Business Experience: Managed assisted living center for seniors in Arizona for over 30 years.

Laguna Woods Village affiliations / activities: Choir, music appreciation, learning Spanish, tai chi, gym, swimming, drawing from nature, crochet lessons, Florence Sylvester Memorial Senior Center volunteer

Personal statement: With more than 30 years of managing an assisted living facility, I have acquired business skills of balancing the budget, prudent management of money, managing employees and working as a team to bring the best possible solution on a daily basis. I am energetic, witty, positive and honest.

What improvement or change do you think would improve life in the village for its residents? I like to see the improvement of services to residents who are responsible and prompt. Residents’ concerns must be heard and treated with the utmost respect and sincerity.


Years in the village of Laguna Woods: almost 9

Education: Undergraduate – Scholastic Philosophy at Maryknoll College, Glen Ellyn Illinois; graduate studies in theology and psychology at Maryknoll Fathers, St. John’s Home Mission Seminary, Immaculate Conception Seminary; residency in psychology at Valhalla State Hospital and Osawatomy State Hospital

Occupation / Business Experience: 1970-1972, ran 008 agency for Met life at KCMO, licensed in Kansas and Missouri, made a quarter of a million annually; 1972-1986, wharf superintendent, general superintendent of bulk operations, equipment manager, planned loading and unloading of international marine vessels for Independent Pier Co. in Philadelphia; 1986-1997, superintendent, store manager, director of operations and marketing, responsible for profitable operations of unloading and loading of international maritime vessels; 1997-2009, terminal manager, machinery manager, AQMD, liaison, workshop manager, responsible for efficiency and profit for these profit centers; 2005-2012, co-owner of two logistics companies

Laguna Woods Village Affiliations / Activities: Since 2013, United Board Member as Director; was elected first chairman of the board of directors of VMS; reappointed director of United before COVID-19. Has been a member of Robert’s Rules Study Club continuously since 2013; served two years as treasurer and two years as president of this club.

Personal Statement: While I bring a lot to the corporate table in America, I believe the only way this council can serve residents is by consensus. Bring empirical data to the table and develop strategies and an action plan from that data.

What improvement or change do you think would improve life in the village for its residents? I look at the concept of change from a growth perspective. Growth of ideas, growth of awareness of what is to come and search for consensus.


Years at Laguna Woods Village: 6

Education: MBA (finance and marketing), Arizona State University; BS, Business Administration (Marketing), University of Southern California

Profession / Business Experience: Development of automotive accessories for OEM (original equipment manufacturing) for products such as electronic entertainment systems and wheels. Responsible for the on-time development and growth of this business.

Laguna Woods Village Affiliations / Activities: Former United Board member, served as president and treasurer.

Personal statement: United’s board needs experienced, dedicated, honest and hardworking members, and I have the knowledge to best support our board and community.

What improvement or change do you think would improve life in the village for its residents? We need to treat our company as a “for-profit” versus a “not-for-profit” company and need to develop a plan to reduce costs and HOA ratings, thereby improving affordability.


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