La Jolla traffic council discusses possible standards for street closures for private events


Seeking to standardize criteria for approving street closures and loss of parking spaces caused by local private events, the La Jolla Traffic & Transportation Board began the process at its June 15 meeting.

Discussion of a draft document outlining these criteria followed previous discussions and endorsements by two baraat wedding processions.

The first of the processions – typical of Indian weddings and featuring the groom riding a horse or elephant to the ceremony escorted by his family – took place on May 30, Memorial Day, a public holiday that draws many visitors to La Jolla.

The second baraat is scheduled for Saturday, June 25.

Both proposals called for a short-term street closure in the village and a temporary loss of parking. Previous traffic sign discussions, while ultimately resulting in support for the events, raised concerns about traffic disruption in La Jolla on busy days.

Some have suggested banning road closures for private events during the summer. But Rohan Patel, the groom at the June 25 event, told the La Jolla Light that Indian wedding dates are determined based on “Muhurat” time, an auspicious date and time calculated using the couple’s birth dates and times in conjunction with the Hindu calendar.

T&T Chairman Brian Earley presented a draft document to the board on June 15 which he said was intended to celebrate the pageantry of these and similar events while minimizing the effect on residents and visitors to La Jolla.

The draft incorporated comments from Natasha Collura of San Diego’s Department of Special Events and Filming, which issues permits for short-term street closures.

A central staging area won’t work, Earley said, because event locations will vary. The council considered establishing different routes to accommodate various venues.

The board has also agreed to consider working with the sites themselves, such as La Valencia, Cormorant and La Jolla Cove hotels, to determine the best routes and logistics.

The June 25 baraat will close the lane on the south side of Coast Boulevard to traffic and parking from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. between Girard Avenue and the La Jolla Cove Hotel & Suites, where the wedding will take place. Coast Boulevard is expected to be fully closed between Ocean Lane and Girard Avenue for the baraat staging area, although use of this area will be restored for parking and traffic as the baraat moves towards the site marriage.

The May 30 baraat called for the closure of portions of Girard Avenue and Prospect Street for the wedding at Hotel La Valencia.

T&T board members also discussed creating a list of days when such events would be blocked, such as Memorial Day and seasonal holidays in the fall and winter.

The document also includes the idea of ​​a maximum of two hours for this type of short-term street closure.

While board members generally expressed support for such a document, others cautioned against being too strict.

“I just don’t think we need to have [T&T] be seen as preventing any group, especially a minority group, from participating in wonderful processions like these wedding processions,” said board member Tom Brady. He added that the events add cultural value to La Jolla.

Earley said the events also add financial value: “Let’s not forget [these weddings] may have brought in tens of thousands of dollars in visitor revenue to our community.

The suggested criteria will be presented to the T&T Board as an action item in July.

Other T&T news

Via Capri needs repairs, say many La Jolla residents.

(Elisabeth Frausto)

By Capri: The budget the San Diego City Council approved June 13 for the 2022-23 fiscal year includes $1.08 million to repave the entire Via Capri in La Jolla, said Steve Hadley, representing Councilman Joe’s office. LaCava, whose District 1 includes La Jolla.

The condition of the street has been the subject of recent complaints.

Part of the road needed to be repaved as San Diego Gas & Electric completes a utility burying project there, but LaCava “advocated to get it all done,” Hadley said.

The repaving will be done over the next two fiscal years, Hadley said.

Traffic Calming Study: Following traffic calming investigations on La Jolla Scenic Drive North, the city’s traffic engineers conducted a study to determine if anything could be done to slow cars, including installing of a stop sign at the intersection of the street with Via Posada.

The study indicated that measures such as a stop sign and speed bumps could not be implemented on La Jolla Scenic Drive North, although solar panels indicating the speed at which a vehicle is moving could be, Earley said.

He added that discussions on the issue would continue.

Car service : Earley said the council had received a request about restarting a valet parking zone at the corner of Wall Street and Girard Avenue. in the village.

The valet area has been gone since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, when property managers at La Plaza La Jolla on that corner suspended service in 2020 and parking company Laz did not renew the valet permit. valet, Earley said.

Plaza La Jolla is now managed by Regent PM Services, and Laz representatives have contacted the company about restarting the valet permit to “relaunch this passenger loading area for evening valet services,” said Early.

“We think it would be in everyone’s interest in this area,” he said.

Appointment of officers: The T&T Board of Directors has appointed its current officers for another year: Earley as Chairman, Dave Abrams as Vice Chairman and Donna Aprea as Secretary. The nominations were uncontested and will be voted on at the next T&T meeting on Wednesday July 20. ◆


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