Investigate violation of FAAN pension reform law, urges FG stakeholders


Stakeholders in the country’s aviation sector have called on the federal government to investigate the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), into the continuing crisis with workers’ pension payments and deductions.

LEADERSHIP reports that the Nigeria Union of Pensioners (NUP), a branch of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) barricaded the Authority’s headquarters on Tuesday following the inability of its management to pay the resulting pension adjustment (CPA ) as approved by President Muhammadu Buhari.

But, during a conversation with journalists about the stalemate between FAAN and NUP, the former secretary general of the National Union of Air Transport Employees (NUATE), Comrade Yinka Abioye and the Secretary General of the Initiative of the Round Table on Aviation Safety (ASRTI), Group Capt. John Ojikutu (rtd), argued that FAAN’s pension fund should be investigated as it is the front-line charge, paid before workers’ wages.

According to Ojikutu, in 2007, 2.8 billion naira was already taken from the 19.5 billion naira aviation infrastructure intervention fund to pay the pensions of FAAN staff, but retirees are still complaining about the payment. .

He said, “There must be something smelly that always comes out of FAAN pension payments. In 2007, 2.8 billion naira was already taken from the 19.5 billion naira aviation infrastructure intervention fund to pay the pensions of FAAN personnel, I will suggest that the funds be the object of an investigation if they are contributory.

He further said that the infrastructure deficit fund has been used to pay retirees, but there are still complaints about the pension fund.

His words, “The same was said in 2007 when the money for the infrastructure development deficit was taken to pay retirees. What is it really about all of us? It is nothing about the government but all of us governed in the administration of government; it is 20 years later that will save us from ourselves, ”he asked rhetorically.

Abioye, for his part, said there were errors in the way FAAN managed the workers’ pension fund.

Abioye, the immediate past secretary general of NUATE, accused the FAAN of having violated the law on pension reforms.

“There are fundamental errors in the way FAAN manages pensions and the welfare of retirees. The FAAN has violated the Pension Reform Act so much that it cannot get out of the problem for the next ten years. I also know that due to a lack of understanding of how pension payments are calculated and paid, many retirees get carried away if and when wages or certain allowances are paid to workers. “

“The main rule is that when salaries and allowances are approved for upward revision, there will be a corresponding revision of pensions. This principle is misinterpreted by both FAAN retirees and management.

“The latter is to blame for any industrial action that might arise because the payment of pensions should be on the front line charge, paid before workers ‘salaries given the beneficiaries’ status as elderly and if management concludes an agreement with its workers or retirees, this agreement must be respected.

“If, however, a stumbling block arises prior to implementation, courtesy requires that a meeting be initiated for dialogue, in order to avoid breaking the law and / or order,” he said. -he declares.


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