Information boards set up at a cannabis convention in Jackson


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Residents of Jackson got a chance to experience the possibilities of medical cannabis this weekend at the Lucky Leaf Expo.

Organizers and vendors said cannabis will soon become an important part of Mississippi’s economy. Mississippi patients will soon have access to medical marijuana.

Lucky Leaf Expo held a two-day cannabis convention at the Jackson Convention Complex this weekend, promoting the benefits and business of medical cannabis.

“We had around 80 exhibitors, they come from all areas of the cannabis industry. From culture to retail, we’ve done educational seminars, we’ve had about 40 different speakers,” said Erin Woman, Operations Manager for Lucky Leaf Expo.

Panels discussed how Mississippians can apply for cannabis licenses and cultivation licenses.

“The first cultivation licenses were issued in July. On this basis, the plants have started to grow and this means that dispensaries will open in the near future.

Lucky Leaf executives say legalizing medical cannabis is a huge win for Mississippi’s economy.

“It can bring a lot of funds to the state and it can create a lot of jobs. Regulated medical cannabis is massive. this product can change people’s lives,” said Will Batt, Crop Technical Advisor for Cannacribs.

Vendors at the convention included cannabis growers and business owners who helped people better understand the impact of cannabis and how to use it.

“We educated people about the benefits of cannabis as a micro-dosage and barrier to entry and lowered that barrier to entry, encouraging more people to consume cannabis at a micro level, by dosing it appropriately, managing it to better improve your life,” said Chase Chezem, product development manager for the Elixir dispensary.

Chezem said studies show that regulated cannabis use can help improve both body and mind.

“We’re finding that cannabis could be a healthier alternative to keep people away from things like opioids and other substances that might just rob them of a better livelihood.”

Lucky Leaf Expo plans to hold another convention in Jackson in March 2023.


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