Here’s a taste of what you can enjoy at New Oakley Kitchen Food Hall


The exterior of the Oakley Kitchen Food Hall main entrance, which leads you to the second floor dining / event space. There are several other entrances that will take you to the first floor where the restaurants are located. “itemprop =” image “/>The sign outside the establishment describes the nine different restaurant vendors that you can find in the dining room. “Itemprop =” image “/>A variety of dishes available throughout the dining room “itemprop =” image “/>The upstairs dining room can be hired for events. “itemprop =” image “/>The view from the left wing of the dining room, which includes Jimmie Lou’s, La Petite Frite, Khana and Onolicious Hi “itemprop =” image “/>New Orleans style restaurant Jimmie Lou’s “itemprop =” image “/>An assortment of Jimmie Lou’s dishes including a hot sausage po ‘boy, Cajun jambalaya and a donut order, with a Kombucha from Fab Ferments “itemprop =” image “/>Jimmie Lou’s Cajun Jambalaya “itemprop =” image “/>La Petite Frite “itemprop =” image “/>Order of fries with black truffle mayo from La Petite Frite “itemprop =” image “/>Indian gourmet restaurant Khana “itemprop =” image “/>Tandoori chicken, seekh kebab and makhani curry with Khana rice “itemprop =” image “/>A view to the rear of the building with the Hawaiian restaurant Onolicious Hi “itemprop =” image “/>Onolicious Hi “itemprop =” image “/>Plate of three meats with rice and potato salad from Onolicious Hi “itemprop =” image “/>The left side of the building; picnic tables are located just after here. “itemprop =” image “/>An array of dishes from Oakley Food Hall restaurants “itemprop =” image “/>The commercial kitchen space where Eli’s BBQ operates part of the breast business “itemprop =” image “/>A Loakley cheeseburger “itemprop =” image “/>Parts and Labor “itemprop =” image “/>A plate of smoked brisket, a burnt Basque cheesecake and a peach and prosciutto salad from Parts & Labor “itemprop =” image “/>Parts & Labor Smoked Breast Plate “itemprop =” image “/>Parts & Labor Prosciutto Salad “itemprop =” image “/>Syrian restaurant Olivier “itemprop =” image “/>Syrian pastries in a restaurant window in Olive Tree “itemprop =” image “/>Warbat bird’s nest: desserts with cheese, pistachio and olive tree nuts “itemprop =” image “/>Padrino Italian Restaurant, overlooking the West Wing of Oakley Kitchen “itemprop =” image “/>Oakley Kitchen also has a marketplace on the first level, which offers products from local businesses. “Itemprop =” image “/>Coffee Emporium coffee on the first level market “itemprop =” image “/>A hot sauce dispenser at the first level market “itemprop =” image “/>A closer look at some of the hot sauces available in the vending machine “itemprop =” image “/>Oakley Kitchen will host its grand opening once The Cutaway Bar is ready to open. Local bar owner Mike Stankovich, who is behind Over-the-Rhine’s Longfellow, will lead the bar’s program. “itemprop =” image “/>A view of the Oakley Kitchen food hall “itemprop =” image “/>Art that you can buy hangs throughout the building. “itemprop =” image “/>A range of dishes from various Oakley Kitchen vendors “itemprop =” image “/>More dishes you will find at Oakley Kitchen “itemprop =” image “/>You can rent the event space on the second floor. “Itemprop =” image “/>Arcade games on the second floor “itemprop =” image “/>Burnt Basque cheesecake from Parts & Labor “itemprop =” image “/> Plate of three meats with rice and potato salad from Onolicious Hi “itemprop =” image “/>A side view of the building with its vibrant mural “itemprop =” image “/>The main entrance on the second floor “itemprop =” image “/>

The Greater Cincinnati food scene is growing rapidly, and with the opening of the Oakley Kitchen Food Hall incubator and event space, area chefs and food entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to further develop their ideas, skills and their products.

The food hall has smoothly opened its eight local food vendors and will soon host its grand opening in tandem with the opening of The Cutaway Bar.

The facility will include a space for common use: eight kitchen modules featuring start-ups and ghost kitchens inhabit the first floor, as well as Campfire Foods Commissary, the next bar (with Mike Stankovich, the owner of the local bar behind Longfellow, at the helm) and a market that offers local produce from new and established local businesses.

Restaurants include La Petite Frite, Khana, Jimmie Lou’s, Loakley, Parts & Labor, Onolicious Hi, and Olive Tree.

Upstairs, Oakley Kitchen Food Hall will feature 10,000 square foot space / event hall for rent that can be used for food-focused parties, private events and weddings.

“We want our kitchen vendors to move to physical locations and our market partners to find wholesale accounts with larger retail outlets,” said Marketing Director Drew Oxley.

“We see the Campfire Foods Commissary as a flagship place of R&D for the creation and sharing of new foods with the public. We’re excited to create a space where Cincinnati can have a front-row seat with new and innovative foods, ”he adds.

| Photos of Hailey Bollinger

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