Henry, a native of Owensboro, thrives in Nashville as a singer and entertainer, grateful for his roots in his hometown


Natasha Henry | Photo provided

Owensboro native Natasha Henry, country singer and entertainer, has lived in Nashville since 2005 but has never stopped appreciating the opportunities to sing for the city that raised her. Henry returned to Owensboro to perform alongside the Downtown Band at the town’s fireworks display.

“My favorite thing about singing in my hometown is seeing all the familiar faces,” Henry said. “I love seeing family, friends and people I’ve met playing Goldie’s in the audience. It’s just a pretty cool feeling to see your loved ones right there.

Goldie’s opera is where Henry really discovered his passion for performance. She was part of the main cast every weekend until owner Goldie Payne retired and closed the house in 2008.

“I tell Goldie all the time that I wouldn’t do what I do for a living if it wasn’t for her,” Henry said. “She gave me the opportunity and launched me into the world of music. I have a huge passion for country music from having been so exposed to it growing up because of Goldie’s.

This passion has led her to where she is today. Today, she travels and sings mainly with The Downtown Band, of which she has been a part for almost 7 years. Henry said she enjoys working with such a talented and reliable group of musicians who do their part and crush it every time.

“I love working with The Downtown Band because it’s always full of energy. Horn players and other musicians will dance, not just singers. Our goal is to keep the audience dancing and entertaining,” Henry said. “We mostly play private events, so being able to be booked for a public event, especially in my hometown, is so rare and cool.”

In addition to touring with this band, Henry worked as a Dolly Parton impersonator for 10 years, which took her to many fun places across several states and gave her many stories to tell.

“I’ve had so many unique opportunities as Dolly. The opportunities have piled up over the years,” Henry said. hired by Naomi Judd to sing for her doctor, and I know there’s some other really cool stuff I can’t think of right now.”

In addition to these exciting gigs, Henry has put together his own all-female traditional country band, performed at the Wildhorse Saloon in downtown Nashville, and worked on the General Jackson Showboat for 8 years.

“I love to sing,” Henry said. “I love country music, I love working with a live band, and I love the interaction with the audience.”


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