Green aviation is a “fairy tale”, say environmental stakeholders


Wednesday, November 10, 2021 2:57 p.m.

Without policy and behavior change, efforts to develop green aviation and zero carbon flights will not allow the industry to meet its goals quickly enough, argued the UK Aviation Environment Federation (AEF).

“Our politicians seem to live in a fairytale world where the aviation industry is leaving its dependence on fossil fuels – and overcoming all the obstacles that have existed so far to decarbonization – at no cost and without the need to brake. growth in the number of passengers, “said NGO policy director Cait Hewitt.

According to Hewitt, if governments don’t introduce policies that force airlines to pay for their pollution, none of the technologies currently being studied will bring aviation to net zero. Electric or hydrogen powered planes will not be able to fly long-haul, while SAFs emit as much CO2 as kerosene when burned in an aircraft.

“We need our leaders to stop pretending that these goals can be achieved only through new fuels and technological solutions,” she said.

The AEF also called on world leaders to plan how to meet the growing needs of people without expanding airports or increasing the number of passengers. “The fastest way to reduce emissions from theft is to fly less,” added Hewitt.

The AEF’s comments come on the same day, 18 countries, which generate 40% of aviation emissions, have joined a coalition to advance the industry’s transition to net-zero.

The signatories – including major aviation players such as the UK and France – have agreed to work together through the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to achieve environmental goals.

The strengthening at the national level of the carbon offset and reduction program for international aviation (CORSIA) and the promotion of the deployment of SAFs and zero-carbon technologies are among the commitments made by the countries.

“From our highways to the skies, the transition to zero emission transportation has reached a tipping point,” said Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps.

Low-cost carrier Easyjet also pledged today to join the UN-backed Race to Zero campaign, which aims to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, City AM reported.

Presenting an appropriate roadmap in the coming months, the carrier has pledged to set an interim target of 2035.

“Our ambition is to eventually achieve net zero emissions in the UK and across Europe and we are proactively working alongside industry leaders, such as Airbus and Wright Electric, to help support and to defend zero-emission technologies for the passenger planes of the future. “


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