Graduate Students Presenting at NCA Congress – News


Graduate students from the School of Communication will present their academic work at the 108th annual convention of the National Communication Association (NCA). The convention will be held November 17-20, 2022 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

COM graduate students showcasing their work at the convention are Taylor Newsander, Henrique Villela, and Maddie Wilson. Presenting at the NCA convention provides graduate students with opportunities for recognition, networking, and resume writing. COM professors and other graduate students will also be present.

The National Communication Association is a nonprofit learned society that advances the study of communication.

Newsander and Wilson will present their paper, “Gaming Minorities: Analyzing the Experiences of Non-Males in eSports Gaming,” which won a “Top Paper” student award in the Game Studies Division. Newsander and Wilson’s article analyzes the experiences of non-men in eSports games by understanding their experiences and the treatment they receive from their male counterparts. Seven non-male participants were interviewed for the study of future research on gambling and queer gender. Interview topics included gaming culture, community support, building friendships, men as entry points into the world of gaming, hosting, representation and empowerment.

Villela will present her article, “Framing Refugees: An Analysis of the Media Coverage of MIA’s Borders Music Video”. MIA is a British rapper and singer whose music video, “Borders”, was released in 2015 and streamed over 27 million times. The music video, which features hundreds of men migrating to seek refuge, was covered in the news cycle for around nine months. Villela compared the framing in the news of the “Borders” music video with past international coverage of refugees. Villela found that MIA’s artistic representation of politics influenced the media’s framing of the topic.

Samantha Schultz, former ISU MA student, will also present her paper, “Communication Between Adult Daughters and Their Mothers Regarding Child Care and Unsolicited Counseling.” Schultz’s article studies the relationship between mothers and their daughters who themselves become mothers. Grandparents are known to positively influence and benefit their grandchildren, although the relationship between grandmother and adult daughter may struggle with her new and empowering power dynamic. Schultz analyzes the tension, communication and general contentment between grandmothers and their daughters.


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