Former Indiana lawmaker pleads guilty in Casino Probe case | Indiana News


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A former Indiana state senator pleaded guilty Monday to criminal charges related to a federal investigation that ultimately forced a casino company to relinquish control over two major casino projects in the United States. Indiana.

Former Republican Senator Brent Waltz of Greenwood admitted to being part of a scheme to direct approximately $40,000 in illegal contributions to his unsuccessful 2016 congressional campaign and making false statements to FBI agents.

Waltz pleaded guilty in front of a judge a week before his trial began with John Keeler, a former Indianapolis-based Spectacle Entertainment executive accused of directing illegal corporate contributions via straw donors to the campaign. by Waltz.

Waltz’s plea agreement makes no mention of cooperating with prosecutors or testifying against Keeler. Waltz and his attorney, Russell Johnson, declined to answer questions after Monday’s hearing, The Indianapolis Star reported.

Keeler has pleaded not guilty and his trial is due to begin on Monday.

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The September 2020 indictment against Keeler and Waltz was a key point in Spectacle Entertainment’s investigations, which led the Indiana Gaming Commission to force the company out of ownership of new projects. casinos in Gary and Terre Haute.

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