E asks for help from stakeholders to control energy theft and vandalism


Keja Electric (IK) has sought stakeholder support to address issues within its network, as part of efforts to curb rising instances of energy theft and vandalism amid huge infrastructure investment electrical.

Addressing a gathering of community media editors, corporate communications manager, Ikeja Electric, Felix Oulue, said the alarming cases of illegal connections, bypassing of meters, apathy in paying bills electricity and vandalism have increased steadily in recent times.

He recounted cases where customers using prepaid meters colluded with electricians to bypass the meters in order to avoid payment for the energy consumed.

“Despite the company’s huge investments in electrical equipment, infrastructure upgrades and network optimization that run into the billions of naira, the negative impact of increasing cases of power theft and of vandalism has become a concern for the business, therefore we have launched an intensive campaign against energy theft and vandalism in our business units to combat illegal activities, while we are also seeking support from communities to help Ikeja Electric combat these illegal activities.


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