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Press release from the government of the Land of Hesse of 01 SEP 2021
Courtesy translation: Nadine Bower, Public Affairs Specialist

Incidence greater than 100: new Corona rules

The seven-day incidence in Wiesbaden fell to 109.8 on Wednesday, September 1. The administrative staff of the state capital therefore decided on new corona rules for Wiesbaden, as mandated by the state. The corresponding general decree will come into force on Friday 3 September.

As soon as the seven-day incidence rises above 100, the state’s concept of prevention and escalation states that municipalities must implement more stringent restrictions. The city is required to immediately take a general decree. Their content is in fact specified by the concept of prevention and escalation as well as by the Ordinance on Protection against Coronaviruses (CoSchuV). However, the administrative staff decided not to implement all the prescribed measures. This has already been done by other cities. The general decree of Wiesbaden is based on the restrictions in force in Frankfurt. This is intended to avoid as much as possible a municipal patchwork of corona rules. In addition, the state will most likely have to revisit the concept of prevention and escalation in the near future. Currently, the seven-day incidence plays a decisive role in this regard. However, the Federal Cabinet decided to assess the pandemic on the basis of new indicators in the future. In the near future, the main endpoint will no longer be the incidence at seven days, but the hospitalization rate.

From Friday September 3, the following rules will apply in Wiesbaden, among others: Negative proof by a vaccination, recovery or negative test certificate or a student test booklet (rule 3G) is required, among others, in the following situations: before accessing the interior or exterior spaces of catering establishments (restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.), leisure facilities, sports facilities (sports halls, indoor swimming pools or sports halls) , cultural offers (theater, cinemas, concerts, …), dance halls, discotheques, clubs, places of prostitution, meetings, fairs and events. Negative proof is also required to participate in private events in public or specially rented rooms with more than 25 participants. To access prostitution sites, dance halls, discotheques and clubs, a test certificate by means of a rapid antigen test is no longer sufficient. Here, a PCR test using, PoC-PCR or other methods of nucleic acid amplification technique is required. Rule 3G does not apply to elite and professional sports athletes. It also does not apply to children under six or children over six who have not yet started school. This means that these children do not need negative evidence.

There is also a new participant limit for larger events, cultural offerings and gatherings. A maximum of 200 people are now allowed to meet outside and 100 people inside. People vaccinated and recovered do not count. This also applies to private celebrations in public or specially rented rooms. For private meetings in private rooms, for example in your own apartment, there are no restrictions, but there is an urgent recommendation to also observe the rules of hygiene and distance there. Event rules apply to meetings with 25 or more people.

An FFP2 mask (or equivalent mask) requirement now applies to nursing home and nursing home staff who are not fully vaccinated or recovered. An FFP2 mask requirement also applies when using services on the body, such as when visiting a hairdresser or nail salons. In addition, masks are mandatory (medical masks) in schools in face-to-face lessons (also seated), in shops, in public transport, as well as in overcrowded situations where the minimum distance cannot be observed. This can be the case, for example, when entering shops, in queues, at bus stops or at public performances in pedestrian areas.

The requirements for the number of persons and negative evidence (rule 3G) do not apply to the exceptions provided for in Article 16 (2) of the Coronavirus Protection Ordinance. These are, for example, meetings of people for professional, educational, healthcare or business reasons (owners’ meetings, meetings with lawyers and notaries, meetings and hearings, etc.). They also do not apply to the functioning of universities, professional and musical academies and non-university research institutes for which there is a global concept of distancing and hygiene as well as to the conduct of examinations (in particular examinations of State and career). Other exceptions apply to election advertising measures for legislative and local elections.

Contrary to the concept of prevention and escalation, no hardening has been ordered in the following areas: contact restrictions in public spaces as well as for wholesale and retail trade. The Ministry of Social Affairs has been informed of this procedure. If the Ministry of Social Affairs nevertheless orders a full and immediate implementation of the concept of prevention and escalation, a corresponding general decree will be prepared.

Citizens who still wish to be vaccinated in the vaccination center must hurry: In coordination with the State, the vaccination center closes on Sunday, September 19. The last day of vaccination is Saturday, September 18. Until then, it is still possible to receive a first, second or, if authorized by priority group, a third vaccine in the walk-in vaccination center. All vaccines are free for citizens. The offer without registration or prior registration is also valid for children and adolescents from the age of twelve, who will be vaccinated after individual medical consultation. Before the vaccination center closes, there will also be several events on site. Information on this and on current developments around Corona can be found at wiesbaden.de/coronavirus. The applicable regulations and general decrees can also be downloaded there.

Source: https://www.wiesbaden.de/medien/rathausnachrichten/PM_Zielseite.php?showpm=true&pmurl=https://www.wiesbaden.de/guiapplications/newsdesk/publications/Landeshauptstadt_Wiesbaden/141010100000408590.php

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