Duplicate Bridge Results and Tips: Conventions Useful to Learn, Part 130


By Peter Rhead

Responding After Partner Calls Michaels Cuebid Too Much

This week we take a look at your responses to partner Michaels Cuebid.

His Michaels offer is against opening up the opposition. Partner’s Michaels auction shows a competing two-suit hand of at least five-five in both suits, one of which must be major.

In three weeks, we’ll take a look at the Unusual Two No-Trump that works with Michaels.

First a brief review of Michaels. Your left opponent (LHO) opens at a level of any suit. If your partner overtakes the same flush one level higher, he has one of the next four two-flush hands five-five.

After One Spade, Two Spades means Hearts and an unknown minor.

After One Heart, Two Hearts means Spades and an unknown minor.

After One Club, Two Clubs means the two majors.

After One Diamond, Two Diamonds means the two majors.

From the partner’s cue-bid you now know that the partner is two-color and what colors he may have. If you are looking for the Unknown Miner, you still bid Three Clovers. The partner will correct the diamonds if it is his costume, or continue in the clubs. Michaels works the same if your opponent on the right opens at the same level of any suit.

Now that this partner has shared this information with you, your next bid is to tell the partner which (if any) of the two colors you are interested in, based on your hand strength.

First directive: either partner may proceed with a partial score, a play or a slam if this is justified.

Guideline two: If you have support for the major color known to your partner, show it right away.

Guideline three: the partner must be at least five-five years old with a major in both colors.

Rule Four: Overcall with Michaels, the partner must have either a weak points count or a strong opening points count of 1NT. Otherwise, he naturally bids by agreement.

Guideline Five: With a lower point count you are looking for a partial score or a playing opportunity because you may have a good fit or a double fit.

For more information read “Michaels Cuebid” and “Unusual Two-No-Trump” in Barbara Seagram’s 25 bridge conventions you should know, page 127.

Next week: sample responses to Michaels.

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