Duplicate Bridge Results and Tips: Conventions Useful to Learn, Part 126


By Peter Rhead

More examples of responses to the strong openness of Two Club

Today we’re taking a look at more examples of how you might react to your partner’s Two Club opening up.

Case 1:

Spades xxxxxx

Hearts xx

Diamonds xx

Xxx clubs

Case 1: Partner opens two clubs in front of your hand above. This is a difficult question! You know you probably have gambling and maybe slam. After all, your opening partner has at least 22 points! You must bid. Your Two Diamond auction does not make any promises but forces your partner to bid again.

Case 2:

AKxxx spike

Hearts x

AKxxxx diamonds

Clubs x

Case 2: the partner opens two clubs. You answer Two Spades. Next time you get the chance, bid on Diamonds. This will show your partner that you have a strong hand with at least six Diamonds and five Spades. The opening partner can now develop their auction strategy.

Case 3:

Spades xxx

KQxxx hearts

Diamonds xxx

Xx clubs

Case 3: the partner opens two clubs. You have a Heart combination and six stitches including a length stitch. Bid Two Hearts and see which partner is bidding on their second auction.

For more information, read Barbara Seagram’s “Strong artificial opening at two clubs” in 25 bridge conventions you should know, page 41.

Next week: respond after Jacoby 2NT

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