Duplicate Bridge Results and Tips: Conventions Useful to Learn, Part 109



By Peter Rhead

Examples of when to make a double take-out

Last week we reviewed the Takeout Double. The objective of Double Takeout is to show the partner that you have support for non-bidding colors when the opponent opens the auction with a color and you are running short in that color. You must also have at least ten points to double down.

This week we have examples of hands where you need to consider whether or not to use Double for Takeout after the opponent opens with a flush offer.

Case 1:

Spades x

Hearts xxxx

KQJ diamonds

Kxxxx clubs

Case 1: Your opponent on the right opens One Spade. You have ten points including one point in length. You have four cards in the other main suit. You are short in the costume of the opponent. You meet the criteria for Double to Go. Your take-out double tells your partner that you have at least ten points and support for non-bidding colors and the shortness of the opponent’s color.

Case 2:

Spades xxxxx

Hearts xxx

KQJ diamonds

Kx clubs

Case 2: Again, your opponent on the right opens One Spade. You have ten points including a point of length but you are not short in the costume of the opponent. This time you don’t have an offer. You pass.

Case 3:

Spades xxxx

Hearts xxxx

KQJ diamonds

KQ clubs

Case 3: Your opponent on the right opens One Club. You have brevity in clubs and a four-card backing in both majors and eleven point strength. You double up to take out. You are happy with any costume your partner chooses to bid.

For more complete information, see “Takeout Doubles” in Barbara Seagram’s 25 bridge conventions you should know, page 21

Next week: More examples of when you could use Double Takeout

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