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The Central Perk vignette includes the iconic orange sofa.Photo: Courtesy of Superfly XATLANTAAfter settling in New York and Chicago, the FRIENDS Experience, which was originally created for the show’s 25th anniversary, is now heading to Atlanta, where it will be open July 15 through September 6 at Perimeter Pointe.

Created by Superfly X, in collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Warner Bros. Television Group, the immersive experience features some of the series’ most recognizable sets as well as memorable moments, including the infamous sofa scene. (Can we all say, ‘PIVOT!’)

“Being such an iconic and special show, it’s a challenge to make sure we deliver what fans expect,” said Stacy Moscatelli, executive vice president of brand marketing and creation for Superfly X , which is the global themed entertainment division of Superfly, known for producing the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival annually. “I think we did a really good job – our team went through every episode and paid close attention to every detail to make sure we’re doing it right.” She added that the team is also asking fans for feedback, which led to the addition of a replica of the show’s apartment building hallway to the experience. “The fans are at the heart of everything we do,” Moscatelli said.

While the flagship experience is based in New York, the tour version is designed to travel to different locations and must take into consideration the size and shape of the different locations, which means Superfly X, which offers event planning. turnkey, production, audiovisual and hospitality. services – must “modify the space to ensure the best flow and the best customer experience from start to finish,” explained Moscatelli. “The biggest difference between the tour model and the New York flagship is that our flagship is much larger and has aspects that cannot be easily visited from space to space for a period of 60 years. days, for example larger props, costumes and sets, “she said.

Regarding COVID protocols, “we make sure everything is ‘Monica Clean,'” said Moscatelli, “by placing hand sanitizer throughout the experiment and following CDC recommendations. Our protocols COVID varies by market based on local guidelines and recommendations. ”Some current health and safety measures include non-invasive temperature control at the entrance, wearing a mask (although people are allowed to remove masks for photos) and social distancing.

Prices for timed admission tickets start at $ 32.50. Space is also available for private events.

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