Dileep Shetty: Tuesday Trivia: Did you know that Dileep Shetty quit his job in Dubai to become an actor?


Dileep Shetty does not need an introduction today. He is undoubtedly one of the latest idols in the Kannada entertainment industry. Although he is also one of the most sought after faces on Kannada TV, few people know that the actor has ever worked in a company.

Yes! After completing his graduate studies in commerce, Dileep moved to the United Arab Emirates to pursue his career as an accountant in a multinational company. The actor indeed worked for some time in the field of the company. Although he enjoyed his stint as an accountant during his career, Dileep has always shown interest in the world of glamor.

Likewise, he took on modeling assignments in the UAE and even won the title of Mr Dubai in 2015. Although Dileep started his career in Dubai, his love for homeland and family is worth mentioning.

Speaking of the same in a previous interview with ETimes TV, Dileep had mentioned, “I always wanted to go back to India and achieve something here. But when to come back was still a question mark for me. Besides, my family remains. also here and I missed them a lot too. Then Vidhya Vinayaka came into my life. I felt it was the perfect time for me to go back to India.

Hoping to start a new career in the glamor world, Dileep quit his job in the United Arab Emirates and settled permanently in Bangalore. But the struggle was real for him because he had to adapt to a totally different way of life.

He explained in detail: “Oh! It was very difficult for me to get used to a different lifestyle all of a sudden. Especially in a place like Bangalore, where the traffic is really heavy. Most of the time, I literally felt like I was spending half my life in traffic itself. On the other hand, driving was also a big challenge for me because I was not used to driving on the right.


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