DiDi’s $ 3 billion options salary: who could have won?



The deletion of more than 20% of DiDi Global shares from the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday following a cybersecurity investigation in China just two days after its trading debut in the United States drew sharp criticism and appeals collectives. Controversy also erupted following more detailed coverage of a June 28 announcement by the ridesharing service that “certain directors and officers” were granted options at a “nominal strike price per share” which will result in stock compensation expenses of $ 3 billion in the loss-making company. The US SEC’s file did not indicate which directors or officers were addressed.

Below is a list of DiDi’s board members and executive directors, based on the company’s prospectus and biographies filed with the SEC. The ties to Goldman and Alibaba stand out, as well as the billionaire status of at least three board members.

Will Cheng: Cheng has been the founder and chairman of DiDi since January 2013, as well as CEO since February 2015. Cheng worked at Alibaba from 2005 to 2011, most recently as vice chairman of Alipay, and before that, in a number of sales. related posts, including that of Regional Director. Forbes estimates that Cheng held more than $ 3 billion in DiDi shares yesterday.

Jean Liu: Co-founder and chairman of DiDi since December 2014, Liu is the daughter of Chinese technology pioneer Liu Chuanzhi. “It advocates a more collaborative approach for the new technologies sector in order to work with policy makers, public transport organizations and the automotive industry to address global challenges in terms of mobility, environment and employment”, indicates the company’s prospectus. Previously, Liu was managing director of Goldman Sachs’ Principal Investment Area in Beijing, primarily responsible for private equity investments, portfolio management and investor relations in China, the prospectus said. Liu is also a board member of fashion heavyweight Kering.

Stephen Zhu: Zhu has been a director since June 2016 and senior vice president since January 2019, responsible for strategy, capital markets and international affairs. Prior to joining DiDi in 2014, Zhu was executive director of Goldman Sachs’ “Principal Investment Area” in Hong Kong, the prospectus says. He has also worked at Bain Capital, Morgan Stanley and the Boston Consulting Group.

Martin Lau: A director since 2015, Lau is chairman of Chinese internet heavyweight Tencent Holdings and today holds a fortune of $ 3.4 billion on the Forbes list of real-time billionaires. Prior to joining Tencent, Mr. Lau was executive director of the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs (Asia) LLC and chief operating officer of its telecommunications, media and technology group. Lau is also a director at China tech

leaders such as Kingsoft, Meituan, Vipshop, Tencent Music Entertainment Group and JD.com.

Adrian Perica: Director since June 2016 and independent director since June 29, 2021, Perica is Apple’s vice president of corporate development, reporting to CEO Tim Cook. Previously, Perica also worked at Goldman Sachs and Deloitte Consulting.

Daniel Zhang: Director of DiDi since April 2018, Zhang has been Chairman of the Alibaba Group since September 2019 and its CEO since May 2015.

Wang Gaofei: Wang has been an independent director since June 29, the day before DiDi’s US listing. He was CEO of Weibo and previously worked at Sina, two influential media companies in China.

Wang Yusuo: Wang chairs ENN, a Chinese energy conglomerate, and today has a fortune of $ 8.6 billion on the Forbes list of real-time billionaires that he shares with his family. Wang joined as an independent director since June 29, a day before DiDi’s listing.

Bob Zhang: Zhang is co-founder and CTO. Prior to joining DiDi, Zhang was a senior technology manager at Baidu.

Alan Zhuo: Zhuo has been CFO since April 2021 and has held other positions at DiDi previously. Prior to joining DiDi, Zhuo worked at Sculptor Capital Management, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

Rui Wu: Wu has been co-founder and vice president since September 2015 with responsibility for our risk control and compliance functions. Prior to 2012, Wu worked at Alibaba in sales management.

Jinglei Hou: Hou has been responsible for mobility security since April 2019.

Min Li: Li is vice president of public communications.

Shu Sun: Sun has been CEO of DiDi’s carpool business in China since December 2020. Prior to joining DiDi, Sun was a partner at Tsing Capital from 2014 to 2015 and a senior partner at Bloomberg New Energy Finance from 2009 to 2014.

David Xu: Xu has been Vice President and Head of Capital Markets since March 2018. Previously, he worked for Apax Partners, UBS Investment Bank and Goldman Sachs Asia.




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