Dancers from Old Spanish Days and Los Ninos de Las Flores busy on the eve of Fiesta


SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — On the eve of the Fiesta, some people showed up at the old mission in Santa Barbara expecting to see the dress rehearsal for Fiesta Pequeña.

It was a well-kept secret before the pandemic, but this year the dancers did their dress rehearsal last Monday.

Early visitors may have seen Los Ninos de Las Flores repeat their “Viva La Fiesta” welcome.

The girls and boys were greeted by Father Larry who said he felt like a little kid on the eve of Fiesta.

Many artists were busy organizing special events on Tuesday.

Dancers performed near Macy’s at La Cumbre Plaza in the afternoon.

This is where Fiesta Spirit Tara Mata shared her reaction to being invited to Spain

Mata said she was watching our NewsChannel at 10 p.m. when should find out that the Spanish Ministry of Culture would pay for his trip to travel and perform in Spain.

The latest Spirit of Fiesta also went to Spain.

Mata said she hopes to take some lessons and maybe buy a bata de cola or a dress with a train.

The 19-year-old is going to be a junior at San Francisco State University in the fall.

She intends to visit Spain during the winter holidays.

His parents said they hoped to accompany him.

After performing at La Cumbre Plaza, Mata and other dancers headed to the Montecito Club to dance at a private event.

She is well aware that they will be dancing non-stop until Saturday evening.

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