Convention celebrates collectors of all things retro at Irwin


Collin Scott’s passion for movie props started small.

He acquired his first movie prop, a replica of a revolver from the movie “Hellboy”, in 2008.

In the meantime, Irwin’s man, 31, has turned to bigger movie memories. He built a replica of the famous “Ghostbusters” proton backpack used in the 1984 film and eventually acquired a shiny silver DeLorean like the sleek 1982 sports car with the famous seagull wings that became a flying machine. time travel in ‘Back to the Future’ from 1985. “

“I’ve always enjoyed holding a piece of film,” said Scott, displaying his DeLorean on the streets of Irwin on Sunday at the inaugural CARLcon festival.

CARLcon, short for Collectors and Retro Lover’s Convention, is the brainchild of Mike Pochan of the Irwin Business and Professional Association.

Pochan, who collects comics and Coca-Cola memorabilia, said he had attended major collector’s conventions in Pittsburgh and Monroeville and had a hunch that collectors in Irwin and the surrounding area might take advantage of a smaller local version of a similar event.

This intuition has played well. The event at Irwin Masonic Hall on Sunday afternoon drew a diverse group of collectors and figures.

Local characters ranging from a pair of furs, a “Star Wars” Mandalorian, a superhero or two and a trio of high school kids dressed as the Powerpuff Girls of fame from the cartoons were among those who ventured to admire other exposed sites. at the CARLcon festival.

Some, like Irwin’s Rich Jovan, jumped at the chance to exhibit their collections. Jovan has stated that he has been a fan of “Star Wars” since his parents took him to the first film of the famous series in 1977, when he was just a toddler. He’s been collecting movie action figures since he was 5 and says he now owns over 1,000, ranging from R2D2 to newer characters like Baby Yoda.

Jovan said he wasn’t ready to part with his collectibles, but enjoyed sharing his passion with others.

Like Jovan, Ed Sam of Greensburg was just happy to share his passion with others. He was decked out for the occasion in a wig that mimicked the look of the Beatles in the early years when the Fab Four staged their British invasion on the Ed Sullivan Show. Sam, who has collected everything about The Beatles since 1964, has proudly displayed a series of individual drawings by John, Paul, George and Ringo as well as original albums and even a few albums by aspiring Beatles.

While Sam and Jovan were happy to share their collections and answer questions, April Morris had something more in mind. Morris, decked out in the Harry Potter badges, said she devoured JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series in her youth, loved the movies and continued to have a soft spot for the wizard boy. She even decorated an entire bathroom in her house in a Potter theme.

The Westmoreland City woman was eager to transform her own magic by gifting handmade magic wands for $ 6 as well as shining magic stones for $ 3.

Pochan said organizers designed the event, which also included a basket raffle, to be both a show and a sale.

The local software consultant smiled as costumed characters and festival patrons who paid $ 5 per head for a chance to enjoy it all strolled around the festival grounds.

“It was a first for us. Due to lack of space, we were only able to sell 200 tickets. We decided we would be happy if we sold 100 and we’re right about that now, ”he said in the middle of the show which ran from noon to 5 pm.

Deb Erdley is a writer for Tribune-Review. You can contact Deb at 724-850-1209, [email protected] or via Twitter .

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