Confederate clothing donned for Norwin’s “Merica Day” homecoming event sparks anger



The father of a Norwin High School student complained that his daughter had been racially bullied for hours on Monday when two students went to school wearing clothes with a Confederate flag design.

Robert Dye said the actions were part of the school’s “Merica Day,” promoted by the district as part of reunion week. Students were encouraged to wear red, white and blue.

Dye’s daughter is mixed race and he complained that not enough is being done to tackle racial bullying in the district.

“I learned about this at 10 am Monday when my daughter sent me a photo circulating on social media of the two students authorized to wear Confederate clothing. I can tell you that I was personally disgusted, ”Dye said. “These students were allowed to wear these clothes by the school principal until about 1:30 pm, when they were told to take them off. It’s five hours after the fact. … I went to school in the 1980s, and I’m sure if someone had pulled something like that they would have been suspended from school.

“But at Norwin, the kids are just told to take off the racist clothes and symbols and are happily sent along their way with no further consequences.”

Repeated attempts to reach Superintendent Jeff Taylor for comment were unsuccessful.

North Huntingdon Police Chief Robert Rizzo could not be reached for comment either.

Dye pointed out that his daughter was not the only student who was offended.

“School is meant to be a learning environment. I’m all for free speech and all that, but please keep your racist expressions – what these clothes sure are – for private events and keep them out of public schools, ”said Dye.

The image of students wearing Confederate flag clothing was part of a series of photos, one of which showed six people with enforced text that all who are offended by the American flag and the Confederate flag “must stop wearing dog decoys (expletives). (sic) before I take you all for a walk.

One image includes text that says “Number of Teachers Triggered # 1” and misspells the name of a high school teacher.

The high school incident follows a series of posts about a team chat for Norwin eighth graders before school started, which included several racist comments, according to a North Huntingdon resident who is the mother of a biracial girl.

The woman, who asked not to be identified, provided screenshots of the cat to the Tribune-Review.

One article refers to the hanging of blacks.

Another article contained a photo of a Ku Klux Klan member wearing a white robe with text including a racial epithet.

The woman said she contacted the Safe2Say Something youth violence prevention program run by the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office.



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