Compensation Clinic at Marriott Marquis Queens Park Bangkok: Rooftop Bar Closed, Restaurant Menu Reduced


Our Compensation Clinic stopover at Marriott Marquis Queens Park in Bangkok this week where the average experience has really deteriorated over the past year.

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This particular property has earned a reputation in Bangkok for having the lowest rates over the past two years, with pandemic prices hovering as low as 1000 Baht/night.

Since Thailand reopened to allow visitors to return on a more regular basis, rates have reached pre-pandemic levels of – in some cases – over 4,000 Baht per night and an executive lounge has recently reopened (good luck to find a seat though).

When rates were reasonable (cheap) in the mid/late 1000s, I was still content with having my room and breakfast, the rest, like the evening improv lounge in the lobby, was was pretty much a travesty and instead went to the Goji Restaurant to order (and pay) a la carte. The ABar roof is also nice.

Two weeks ago I had another stay at this property and the price was close to 3000 baht net for that day. It turned out to be a total waste of money.

When checking in I was informed that the rooftop bar (pretty much the only bar on the property and their main selling point) was closed as they had rented it for a private Lufthansa event.

The hotel’s alternative suggestion was to go next to EmQuartier mall to visit a rooftop bar or take a taxi to Marriott Sukhumvit 57 where they have Octave.

Then there was the restaurant where the menu has been overhauled in an absolutely obnoxious way to the point where you can’t even get a steak anymore which was still quite delicious and reasonably priced.

The menu was also presented almost in pieces. According to the staff, it was their Covid Takeout menu that made no sense. The Covid is over and for most of the pandemic the hotel offered a full menu including Beef Sirloin or sometimes even a Striploin. We had no interest in either item and decided to check out of the hotel and indeed went to the Emquartier mall with lots of great food options.

Finding a seat in the Club Lounge on the night they reopened in ONE of the two towers also turned out to be a disaster. It was packed and the service totally overwhelmed by the number of people present.

That afternoon, I asked to speak to the General Manager who – despite staying over 90 nights at this hotel – I had never met before. As I worked for about two hours in the afternoon, no one showed up, so I finally left. Later he introduced himself with the hotel manager while we had a snack at the full club lounge. As this is not an appropriate environment to discuss the matter (let alone 3 hours later), I declined the chat at that time.

Later I decided to call Marriott customer service to file a detailed complaint about this stay as we were really unhappy this time around, especially with the rooftop bar closed. This facility is closed every Monday/Tuesday so why not hire it for those two days exclusively? It’s an integral property facility and part of advertising, you can’t just close this to all paying customers willy-nilly.

Marriott said someone would respond to the case within 72 hours – nothing happened. At that time, I called Mr. Marriott’s Consumer Affairs office and gave them the information.

Customer service eventually credited 20,000 Marriott Rewards points for this experience and I contacted Megatix to refund the pre-purchased voucher which I was unable to use at the bar/restaurant.

There have been many things in the past that have gone wrong where the hotel has gone sour and I have always given up because I thought it was cheap so what to expect. But rates have recovered now, they are even higher than before covid and at this point my patience is at an end. If you’re charging full price, better get your things together and stop these shenanigans.

This hotel also had a fake advertisement recently, showing an offer of 1000 Baht per night if you book for 30 days. However, the rate increased to 60,000 baht during pricing. Apparently the advertised rate was a price per person based on double occupancy which they didn’t bother to mention anywhere in the IG advert.


This stay at the Marriott Marquis Queens Park Bangkok was just awful. I should have stayed in a Hyatt but we wanted to go to the rooftop bar in the evening and had already purchased a voucher for this (which I was refunded after the stay).

I really hate it when hotels close facilities like rooftop bars or pools for private events. These are part of the hotel the guest is paying for and can reasonably be expected to be open during the stay. Le Méridien had something similar as they constantly rented out the BambooCHIC bar for private events, causing massive complaints from guests as the evening happy hour was usually held there.


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