Climate change: the Foundation urges stakeholders to work together to address environmental challenges


1 The Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF), an NGO, urged relevant stakeholders to work together to effectively address environmental challenges in the country.

2 Mr. Nnimmo Bassey, the director of the foundation made the call during a capacity building workshop with civil society organizations (CSOs) organized by HOMEF on Tuesday in Abuja.


3 The theme of the workshop is: Agro-ecology as a viable solution to climate change.


4 Bassey said agroecology was a key way to fight global warming.

5 He said that agro-ecology could be referred to as the science of the relationship between an organism and an environment modified by human beings for food production.

6 According to him, global action involves everyone and affects everyone, everyone working together to maintain the health of the environment; help mitigate the impact of climate change.

seven “We need real action that will involve agro-ecology.

8 We discuss with CSOs because climate negotiations involve civil organizations and other relevant stakeholders.

9 “Most countries work with CSOs because they are experts and provide ideas and knowledge that can help tackle climate change,” he said.

ten Bassey said the essence of the workshop was to deepen understanding and strengthen advocacy for his inclusive climate change policies.

11 He said industrial farming, which often involved the application of fertilizers and other chemicals, had destroyed land, urging farmers to work on farming that cares for nature.

12 “We emphasize agriculture that works with nature, that is, agriculture without fertilizers or chemicals, it is a way to protect nature and improve soil health.

13 “Fertilizer and chemicals applied to farmland will eventually flow into the river, damaging the water people use,” he said.

14 The director said HOMEF was an ecological think tank and advocacy organization promoting food sovereignty and climate justice in Nigeria and Africa at large.

15 Mr Babawale Obayanju, head of Friends of the Earth Africa and an environmental rights campaigner, said human activities had severely damaged the environment, leading to an increase in climate change.

16 Obayanju said climate drivers are the natural process that nature has put in place to make the environment habitable for humans.

17 “Human activities have damaged the environment and that is the main reason why Nigerians should go back to the old system of doing things.

18 “We should go back to those systems where we will use our products and reuse them, a system where we recycle our products.

19 The system helps keep the environment healthy and safe.

20 “Nowadays, our way of doing things has really changed and it has caused a lot of harm to our environment, thus making the environment unhealthy,” he said.

21 He urged the government to help farmers get access to farmland and tools to improve farming, adding that transportation has been a challenge for farmers.

22 According to him, the government should build roads and provide other facilities that can help farmers, this effort will improve agriculture and improve productivity in the country.

23 Mr Agunloye Mekelvin, a climatologist at the Federal College of Land Resources Technology, Owerri, Imo, said climate change was a global challenge and urgent action was needed to address it.

24 Mekelvin said the workshop provided ideas and knowledge on how to critically address climate change in the country.

25 He said the workshop was another way to raise awareness about the impact of climate change and other environmental challenges and positive ways to address these challenges.

26 NewsSourceCredit: NAN

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