Chinet conference to bring together aviation, freight and export stakeholders



Plans are at an advanced stage for4 the Chinet 2021 conference to bring together stakeholders from the aviation, freight and export conference sectors. The event, the first of its kind, will be held on August 25-26, 2021 in Lagos. The conference has garnered support from the Federal Airport Authority (FAAN) and Ethiopian Airlines Cargo as well as many global airlines, logistics and financial services companies.

According to the organizers, the conference, which will include an exhibition part, will be divided into three parts over two days: Aviation, Cargo and Exports. The aviation aspect will include a presentation and panel discussion on “Airlines, Airports and Aviation”. Experts including CEOs of airlines, former CEOs of airports and aviators will discuss why our airlines and airport systems have not delivered the best possible results for aviation in Nigeria. The second section on freight will feature presentations and panel discussions on the freight and logistics value chain, scale challenges and available opportunities.

The third part will focus on exporting and discuss how to increase our export capacity, remove barriers and improve access to global market penetration on a global scale. There will also be a support session on aviation, freight and export insurance and financing in Nigeria. The organizers said at the end of the two-day event “we will leave the event with enough knowledge about the current aviation situation in Nigeria and its role in growing the economy by generating greater export. freight from Nigeria. With this understanding of freight and export systems, we can integrate our systems into networking and learning from each other, as shared issues eventually become resolved issues.



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