Bush Convention Center is closed indefinitely


The Bush Convention Center had a water main break on Monday that will close the facility until further notice.

“Our priority was to ensure all personnel were out of the facility and safe, and to turn off the water and electricity,” according to a press release from the Midland Chamber of Commerce. “No one other than staff was in the building during the incident.”

The closure came a day before a scheduled City of Midland job fair. The city Monday afternoon sent out a different statement that read, “The City of Midland Career Fair has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. It will no longer take place (Tuesday), the new date and time to be determined.”

On the home page of the Bush Convention Center, there is a headline that says, “We’re Closed.”

Under the title, it says: “The convention center is closed due to a water main break”.

According to bushconventioncenter.com/events, the next event on the property’s calendar is Oil Patch Kids Casino Night on March 25.

The source of the water break has been located and is now under control, according to the chamber. The investigation is ongoing.

The convention center is a city-owned facility operated by the Midland Chamber of Commerce.


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