Breaking Bad RV Tour Origin Story


ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – The New Mexico film industry has generated millions of dollars over the years in direct and additional expenses for production. But it also helped create a niche in tourism that provided lucrative careers for New Mexico entrepreneurs.

Spend some time driving the streets of Albuquerque and you are bound to see a dilapidated, retro motorhome made famous by the Sony Pictures TV series “Breaking Bad”. And while you won’t find Walter White or Jesse Pinkman behind the wheel, you will meet a few superfans who have turned their dedication to the series into a lucrative career.

“If Breaking Bad didn’t exist, or Better Call Saul or El Camino now, I mean we wouldn’t be in business,” says Frank Sandoval. “We owe everything to the film industry.

Frank and Jackie Sandoval were both linked with the corporate world before a pair of layoffs changed their career trajectory. “A friend from Florida said, ‘Well you should start a Breaking Bad tour, but you should do it in a Breaking Bad RV,” “says Frank.

The Sandoval found the first of three Fleetwood Bounders in Arizona and quickly learned that maintaining their precious rides wouldn’t be an easy task. “Boy, did we have a hard time bringing him back though,” Jackie said.

“The gas pump in the back was turned upside down, so while the mechanical pump was pulling gas, the one in the back was trying to send it back to the gas tank,” Frank adds.

After thousands of dollars in repairs and renovations, the first Breaking Bad RV Tour debuted at Albuquerque Comic-Con 2015, giving avid fans the opportunity to see iconic filming locations from the seats of a “Crystal Ship “mistaken.

“We just started doing tourism full time and it’s been great ever since. I’m shocked that this continues, ”says Jackie Sandoval. Since starting their small business, Frank and Jackie have welcomed thousands of fans from across the country and around the world, highlighting the worldwide popularity of Breaking Bad. And that popularity has translated into a life carved out by passion and ingenuity.

“It gave me an income equal to what I earned at HP,” says Frank.

Although the Breaking Bad universe is now over a decade old, the Sandovals don’t see the point in slowing their touring any time soon, especially with Better Call Saul’s final season set to bow in 2022.

“I think it’s more popular now than when we started touring. We are now seeing a whole new generation of fans. These are people who hadn’t watched it before, who are actually watching it now. And with all the frenzy of watching that’s going on right now, I’m seeing an increase in popularity that’s just amazing, ”Frank said.

The motorhome tour departs from the Old Town throughout the week and takes around three hours. The company also offers a virtual tour on its website.

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